Russian diplomats tied to spy agency

Three diplomats at the Russian Embassy in Oslo were identified by newspaper Aftenposten on Wednesday as having ties to Russia’s military intelligence agency known as GRU. It’s been accused of murder and poisonings in addition to spying, while Norway’s own police intelligence agency PST claims the “real number” of intelligence agents operating in Norway “is much […]

Court acquits spy agencies

The Oslo County Court  has acquitted the state on charges that allegedly clumsy recruiting efforts by military and domestic intelligence agencies spoiled a Norwegian company’s efforts to do business in Russia.  The company, Ølen Betong, claimed compensation of around NOK 140 million after its owner and a key employee were arrested and harassed by Russian […]

Spying agencies under more fire

Norway’s two intelligence-gathering agencies are back on the defense this week, this time in the Oslo County Court. Less than a month after the state paid out millions in compensation to a retired border inspector who got caught in a Russian spy trap, it’s now defending itself against more charges of allegedly clumsy recruiting that […]

Spy gets millions in compensation

The Norwegian government has agreed to pay what convicted spy Frode Berg calls “generous” compensation, for the “ordeal” he was subjected to “during two years in a Russian prison.” Berg, who was arrested in Moscow in December 2017 and charged with espionage, says he now feels like the state is taking responsibility for a bungled […]

Parliament reacts to PST’s illegalities

The disciplinary committee of the Norwegian Parliament looks set to call in for questioning both the head of Norway’s police intelligence unit PST and the country’s justice minister. They’re ultimately responsible for how PST illegally gathered huge quantities of information from airline passenger lists and then stored it, in what’s been dubbed the latest “scandal” […]

Released spy answered questions

Frode Berg met Tuesday with members of the special parliamentary commission charged with controlling Norway’s secretive intelligence-gathering agencies. Some politicians think the head of the agency that recruited Berg to be a courier in Russia should be fired. “I was able to speak out about what I felt a need to say,” Berg told reporters […]

Spy chief waits for probe results

The embattled chief of Norway’s military intelligence agency E-tjenesten, Gen Lt Morten Haga Lunde, clearly felt compelled to utter some sort of response as questions fly over the competence of the agency and its agents. He issued a rare press release, to acknowledge a Parliamentary probe into the criticism and complaints of released spy Frode Berg. […]

Norway grateful for Lithuania’s help

Amidst all the Norwegian media hype over Russia’s release of convicted spy Frode Berg, Norway’s government has stressed what it called the “crucial” assistance it received from Lithuanian officials. Lithuania facilitated the spy swap needed to bring Berg home, and that points up strong ties between the two countries ever since Lithuania’s own release from […]

‘A scandal of huge proportions’

“I’ve been convicted of espionage, but I’m no spy,” declared Frode Berg at the outset of his lengthy press conference in Oslo Tuesday evening. The retired border inspector from Kirkenes who’s at the center of one of the biggest intelligence-gathering scandals in Norwegian history made it clear that he thinks Norway’s major intelligence agencies have […]

Parliament probes spy’s recruitment

The Norwegian Parliament’s special commission charged with monitoring the country’s intelligence agencies has confirmed that it will investigate how convicted spy Frode Berg was recruited and whether any of his rights were violated. Berg finally landed back in Norway during the weekend, after nearly two years in a Russian jail. The parliamentary commission, known as […]