‘No-deal’ Brexit pact in place

Norway and Great Britain have put into place an agreement that aims to secure the legal status of Norwegians currently in the UK and British citizens in Norway, in the event Britain leaves the EU next month with no firm trade or legal agreements in place. The pact also applies to Norway’s partners in their […]

State builds more student housing

Norway’s education ministry announced that it will soon break ground for construction of 2,188 new student housing units, to be built in 14 Norwegian cities. The goal is to be able to offer housing to at least 20 percent of the country’s college and university students. “More student housing ensures a reasonable and predictable offer […]

Survey reveals student loneliness

A new health survey of Norwegian college and university students reveals that fully 30 percent admit to being lonely and feeling like outsiders in new school environments. They also miss having someone to talk to. School started this week all over the country, and the media is full of stories about students settling in to […]

School starts with another student housing shortage

As Norwegian universities and colleges launched into their autumn terms this week, more than 11,000 students were stuck on waiting lists for housing. A chronic shortage of student housing has been made worse by sky-high prices and rental rates in the private housing market. This year’s numbers from the Norwegian student organization NSO show an increase […]

‘Russ’ partying starts with sober pleas

This weekend marks the semi-official launch of the wild spring party season for graduating high school students called “russ.” Politicians, a human rights organization and the russ’ own national leader were making sober pleas for better behaviour, though, in an effort to hinder the violent consequences of too much drinking. The russ (roughly pronounced “roose”) season, which runs through Norway’s […]

Students choose the ‘right’ majors

There’s been a shift in college-bound Norwegians’ major course of studies this year, in what’s believed to be a reflection of where graduates may be most likely to find good jobs. Applications to bachelor degree programs in engineering and technical programs declined slightly, at a time of cutbacks in the oil industry. They soared, meanwhile, […]

State probes suspected student loan swindles

Norway’s state student loan and grant agency Lånekassen suspects that some students are swindling the state for millions by claiming coverage of living expenses even though they actually are living at home with their parents. Lånekassen officials have sent letters to an estimated 50,000 students, demanding that they document their living arrangements and prove that […]

30,000 more offers than places

Norwegian student unions were angry after 84,810 applicants were offered spots in higher education courses this year, despite there only being 52,879 study places available. Unions said the assumption that so many students would turn down their placement offers or drop out was a disease in the system, which led to overcrowded classrooms and a […]

Fewer jobs to hit young, unskilled

Job vacancies in Norway have dropped significantly, with a 17 percent decline in the year to June according to new figures released on Wednesday. Unskilled workers and new graduates were expected to be hit hardest, while NAV said its figures showed unemployment continued to rise. Rubrikk.no collates job advertisements from more than 420 websites, covering […]

Confidence high, but jobs falling

New figures show the number of vacant jobs dropped dramatically in Norway over the past year, making competition more fierce and signalling tougher times. Optimism remained high among Norwegians however, with the latest consumer outlook survey showing increased confidence and school dropout rates remaining relatively high, as is the trend in prosperous times. Statistics Norway […]