Oslo school absentee rules softened

The Oslo school commissioner has eased the city’s stringent rules around student absenteeism after a flood of complaints from parents. Commissioner Anniken Hauglie acknowledged the rules had been interpreted too strictly by principals, and were being changed to clear up any misinterpretations. The rules stipulated that no student would be granted leave in the lead […]

Russ spending on music is ‘absurd’

The annual “Russ” season kicked off over the Easter break, the start of weeks of raucous celebrations for graduating Norwegian high school students. Students spend a small fortune each year kitting out customized Russ buses, but a new trend has emerged where students are spending up to NOK 150,000 (USD 25,000) on their own professionally-produced […]

International students lured home

A growing number of young Norwegians are studying abroad every year, but despite setting out with plans to establish international careers, the majority end up returning to Norway. Researchers suspect tough job markets, visa difficulties, poor work/life balance and fewer benefits draw young Norwegians back home again. In 2012-2013, one in 10 Norwegian students was […]

Norway faces teacher shortage

One in three Norwegian primary school education students are dropping out only halfway through their training, leading to fears of a serious teacher shortage in the coming years. The need for teachers is increasing, but enrollments are down despite a targeted campaign to attract more young people into the profession. The figures were revealed in […]

State helps fund new student housing

The government’s education ministry has agreed to allocate NOK 359 million (USD 60 million) to help fund student housing projects around the country. The funding, tough, will only address some of the demand for affordable residential units. “We have chosen to allocate around three-fourths of the funds to the areas where demand is the greatest,” […]

Students can be lonely, too

More than a quarter of Norwegian university students often feel lonely, according to a new survey commissioned by student newspaper Universitas and the Norwegian student organization NSO. The loneliest students are in Oslo and Akershus, with 16 per cent responding that they often feel alone, and 12 per cent saying they are very often lonely. A […]

Container housing opens in Stavanger

Just a year after two students in Stavanger launched the idea of constructing inexpensive student housing in used shipping containers, the first models are up and open in the Norwegian oil capital. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported that the unusual housing units ended up being more expensive to mount, make habitable and furnish, with the […]

Students get new champion abroad

Vibeke Munthe-Kaas took over this month as boss at the Association for Norwegian Students Abroad (ANSA). As the students’ top lobbyist, two of her top priorities are to secure first-year funding for  Norwegian students in the US, and to change current regulations to secure authorization for Norwegian students who qualify for it in their fields abroad. […]

Students slow to finish degrees

Only 35- to 40 percent of Norwegian college and university students finish their degree programs within what’s considered the normal time, according to a report from the Ministry of Education and Research. Critics say the last two governments have failed to push through promised measures to speed up students’ progress. The percentage of students in Norway […]

Students run over the mountains

Sporty college students from Norway’s two leading business schools were competing with each other this weekend in a long-distance relay race over the mountains between Bergen and Oslo. The route roughly follows the NSB train line called Bergensbane, hence the race name BergeNSBaneløpet. It combines running and cycling in 110 various laps, and while the […]