Oslo: Scandinavia’s ‘robbery capital’

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Police in Oslo have registered 58 reports of robbery so far in November, making Oslo the so-called “robbery capital” of Scandinavia. With the sons of immigrants behind most of the robberies reported all over town, Prime Minister Erna Solberg called on immigrant parents to crack down on their kids.

“It looks like young gang members are behind most of this,” Solberg told newspaper Dagsavisen on Monday. “We have to crack down on this, also the parents in the immigrant community, to stop this sort of behavior.”

More frequent and more brutal
The robbery wave that started spreading in Oslo earlier this year hasn’t crested yet. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported Monday afternoon that fresh statistics place Oslo well ahead of robberies registered in Stockholm and Copenhagen, even though they have larger populations than the Norwegian capital. Newspaper VG called Oslo the “robbery capital” of Scandinavia, if not the entire Nordic region.

The street robberies also have grown more brutal. One victim last week was an 88-year-old woman walking in her neighbourhood in the Majorstuen district. Two teenagers robbed in the generally quiet residential area of Røa on the city’s west side were badly beaten and sent to hospital. Other victims have reported being grabbed from behind with a knife held to their throats while the young robbers demanded their mobile phones and wallets.

Police say they’re getting an average of four robbery reports every day. Several kiosks have also been targets in recent weeks of the young robbers who generally operate in groups of four. Police have apprehended 22 suspects so far, several under the age of 18 and few older than 25.

Parents ‘must get involved’
Solberg agreed with a string of community activists that parents must get involved and pay more attention to where their children are, and what they’re doing. Police also have organized community meetings in neighbourhoods where several robberies have occurred or where the young suspects live, inviting parents to get involved.

It’s also important that the young offenders understand the consequences of their actions, Solberg said, even if they’re too young to be sent to jail. “They may not qualify to get their driver’s licenses, they may be denied visas if they ever want to travel to the USA,” she told Dagsavisen. “We need to raise these sorts of points to stop what can seem like a small step into a criminal career.”

Others, including a former well-known TV personality on NRK, simply are calling for many more police patrols and not just downtown, but also in the neighbourhoods. High visibility of police can be an important deterrent, agree many politicians, and funding for the police is being increased.

Hadia Tajik of the Labour Party, the former culture minister who now leads the justice committee in Parliament, said Labour is proposing a new form of youth punishment because jail terms for those old enough to qualify can serve as “a school for criminals.” She urged “preventive measures” along with “quick and clear reaction.”

Meanwhile, the robberies have spread to suburban Bærum, where two boys aged 15 and 16 were arrested and charged last week with having robbed two 14-year-old boys near Østerås School. The robberies occurred in October and both suspects have admitted to the factual circumstances.

newsinenglish.no/Nina Berglund

  • KiwiRob

    Time to start removing people don’t you think.

  • Observer2796

    ““We have to crack down on this, also the parents in the immigrant community, to stop this sort of behavior.””

    Here we go again folks! No jobs. No future. No outlook. What now?

  • Observer2796

    What? Go figure. No future, no perspective and no outlook on life baby. What to do? Norwegian social system is just non existent. What NAV knows well is shaking down fathers. ..|.

  • Observer2796

    Cheap robbery is the way to go. Selling drugs and mugging requires no school ed yo. If you can rub two stones together, you there brah. These immigrant kids have no chance or purpose in goddamn life. Assbackward Norway.How fricking sad.

  • Charles

    Here we go again! Same thing happened 10-15 years ago with the Pakkistani A and B gangs. These are kids victims of failed integration. It is not just the parents, it is everyone’s fault. They’re socially dysfunctional, born in Norway, but neither Norwegian not Pakkistani or whatever else may be the case today. Sort of rejected by both sides. What else should we expect?

    • Kanon25

      They are Norwegian, but Norway is too prejudiced a place to open for them equally as any other child – that’s the first problem. No surprise then that, at the first sign of trouble the PM is already waving the “innvandrere” card and blaming immigrant parents.

      The problem here is not “failed integration” – that is shirking the blame – its a failed society that is not properly meeting the needs of these kids who do not have the resources or wider network of role models that other kids may have.

      Boys especially basically their life is more or less determined by age 12. If they are the 6th or 7th class and no one is taking hard steps to make sure they are testing performance, is the kid engaged in class, doing well etc, its too late by the time they are 15 or sixteen 16 and in gangs. But they are still children mentally, that’s why the law is what it is regarding them. So what you see here is evidence of years of neglect while things went wrong. And its not just the parents.

      Plus if you want the parents input, instead of pointing fingers why not quietly sit down and have a constructive exchange of ideas. Why not have the appropriate social services sit down with parents ask them how you can help,what went wrong and where exactly etc – come up with ideas together and plan not just to stop this but to prevent it in kids to come. This kind of engagement is proper social work.

      But instead the PM would rather shoot off the mouth and score cheap points with the xenophobia crowd by using the parents as a public scapegoat, which is rather gutless. Not a sign of leadership or insight at all. Not a sign either that there is any society with open arms waiting to take these kids in and find and use their talents. More like a message that they are burden. How are you going to build a modern inclusive society in this way?

      The message being sent here is Solberg is not everybody’s prime minister but rather just an overlord shouting down at some 2nd class citizens. This is no way forward for Norway in the future. But Solberg will go around claim she is forward-thinking while running backwards chasing Frp voters.

  • Kanon25

    “Prime Minister Erna Solberg called on immigrant parents to crack down on their kids.”

    I told you guys beforehand Erna Solberg is a clueless robot with no ideas. Now she is in govt and cannot throw point the finger at “rødgraun” she points the finger at the parents. No responsibility is she willing to take as captain of the ship. None. Well this is Norway, the state effectively takes control over these children from day 1 and those immigrant parents cannot even discipline without child services stepping in and taking them away. So, sorry but the govt cannot go around pointing the finger now.

    Also quite telling that Solberg has nothing to offer in terms of attracting these kids out of negative ways. Does she talk about offering, more engaging schools, or more and better job opportunities, or less discrimination in their day to day life Norway so they can reach their dreams? Nope. The most Solberg is able to think of offering say here apparently is “you wont be able to visit the USA or get a drivers’ licence”? For real?

    This is the woman who was elected a couple months ago under the campaign slogan of “new ideas and better solutions”? Wow, what a joke.

    • Observer2796

      Oh dude. Quite the takedown. What is the solution you think?

    • Robert Neve

      Errm if a child misbehaves why shouldn’t you get the parents involved? That seems rather new thinking for Western Europe given that parents are never to blame for their children acting like animals.

      • Observer2796

        Get them an education. Get them to do something meaningful daily, and watch them change. Money in their pocket is empowering. Jihad is a poison that comes with poverty.

        • Robert Neve

          Who says they have anything to do with Jihad? It said they were immigrants not Muslims. That includes Eastern and Western Europeans. But that is beside the point. The state does give them an education. It is up to the parents to ensure they get it and to pass on good values. It is not the state’s job to teach your child right from wrong etc. That is the parents’ job. The state provides all the tools needed. It is up to the families to make the most use out of that. It is unfair to those who do put the effort in and raise good families to spend extra resources and effort on bad parents without at least getting those parents involved.

          • Observer2796

            Rob. Why beat around the bush? Most crime in urban settings ios by (Muslim) immigrants yes? I’m not a anthropologist, but come on. There’s a need to get these people moving in life man. In my country they’ve cornered the Public transport and office cleaning segment. Allow these people to have some dignity.

            You are however not addressing the radicalisation problem. Poverty creates jihadists. Deal.

            • Robert Neve

              I have no reason to believe that. When crime and immigration is talked about it is usually the Roma that the finger most gets pointed at and I feel fairly certain there are not many Roma jihadists. Nore are we talking about terrorism or jihadists but criminals. Hell you don’t even know they are coming from true poverty. Given the benefit system in Norway, that as Norwegians they can milk, I suspect this is more young people wanting all the latest expensive stuff and stealing to get it because they don’t want to work. Stop trying to make the whole debate about Muslim terrorists vs the world.

              • Observer2796

                Okay. Gypsies draw your attention no? I get it. Most visible discomfort is caused by them. But please this is how they make a living. Show some compassion man. It is the skewed society we live in.

      • Kanon25

        You should get the parents involved yes. I never said you shouldnt.

        But As the prime minister, do you get parents involved by shouting down your nose in the parents and group-humiliating all immigrant parents at the media? Obviously a fairly useless approach, unless your real objective is pandering to the xenophobia crew.

        More importantly child delinquency is not something that happens over five minutes or is down to one single factor. Parents may or may not actually be a fault. I have seen over time in many countries good hardworking, loving parents whose kids take the wrong path. Clearly delinquency does not translate 1 for 1 that it was always at home that things went wrong. These are usually multi-factor situations. But of course that is too complicated for the prime minster. Xenophobia-infused utterances are much easier.

        Schools and social services have a big role as well, because frankly by this age group, school and activity groups is where kids spent most of their waking hours. As I said above, for a kid to be running in gangs at 15 or 16, you would have been able to see which boys were in the high risk zone for this since age 12 or so. So where were social serivces and the schools this whole time? Why is the prime minister not hanging them out to dry then? Is it because admitting Norwegian incompetence or failure is never allowed to enter to official narrative? It’s just easier to tut tut the invandrere parents because they are a cheap target?

        Plus what are the other factors like social and income differences? For example Erna Solberg’s government has just put in a budget in which the priorities are tax reductions and subsidies for the super-rich and hidden costs and fees for the common man. How is this going to affect the social picture in 4-5-10 year time frame. Will this improve the social conditions in which child with lesser resources grow up in? Or take us closer to risking the conditions that produced the Huseby riots in Sweden? Again, Erna Solberg is not concerned about this at all – not concerned about her own actual or potential role in this matter. All she wants to do is point fingers and dance to to the tune that the xenophobes are singing. That’s leadership for you

        Sorry to go on at length here, but the prime minsters’ response to this whole thing is a classic example of how certain prejudices, assumptions and wholesale arrogance are used to slant entire issues in this country, fuel xenophobia and distract attention from blatant incompetence by Norwegian institutions.

        Nothing will change in this country as long as people continue to indulge in the knee-jerk “blame the foreigner game”. Real change takes introspection and open-mindedness, which are qualities in short supply around here.

        • Robert Neve

          So you are for blame the system. The schools and social services didn’t hunt down these children and pour resources onto them? The parent or guardian is responsible for that child. END OF. No if buts or maybes. They are responsible. So that is where the buck stops.

          I don’t like it when the government chooses to single out specific groups but it doesn’t absolve the parents from anything. Nore does it matter when they start going off the rails. The parents should be dealing with the minor issues back when they are 10 and if they are failing they should be getting in help. They shouldn’t be just sitting back then going it’s not my fault besides it’s to late now anyway I should have done my job 5 years ago.

          • Kanon25

            “The parent or guardian is responsible for that child. END OF. No if buts or maybes. They are responsible. So that is where the buck stops.”

            This bluster is fine and well and good, but it has nothing to do with Norway. Not in culture and not in legal practice. In Norway, your child is a person who is related to you happens to live with you. The state asserts primary guardianship and exercises that primacy if they feel it is necessary.

            Note by the way that child protection social services in norway is well known for being overly aggressive in inserting itself into the parental relationship of immigrant kids, taking them away into foster care at a much higher rate than they do with Norwegians…even when controlling for similar circumstances.

            Some of their interventions go well into the ludicrous. One case in I think it was Stavanger involved the child protection taking the chid away from indian parents because at home they ate with their hands in the traditional way and they slept in the same bed with the child. Never mind the cases of disciplining older children where

            But amidst all this, we are to suddenly pretend that this is the same as parenting in libertarian rural texas or something? Seriously?

            To be honest even the concepts you are bringing up themselves mirror the situation these teenagers are in. There are several cultures involved here that merge in the life of the child. If care is not taken, it all goes wrong. Not always the fault of the child and certainly cannot be simplistically chalked down to the parent.

            In any case. No one who understands social problems properly would every assert simplistic one-cause explanations, because it in real life the outcomes don’t work that way. Ideological rigidity is not useful here – insight and long term committment are.

            • Robert Neve

              So you want to keep your cake and eat it? You want to whine about how the state gets involved to much and tries to parent to much but you also want to blame the state when children go off the rails because they didn’t take over. Make your mind up. Either the parent is responsible and the state takes it up with them or the state is responsible and it takes the kids and raises them when it feels they are doing something it does not agree with. You can’t have it both ways.

              • Kanon25

                Assuming good faith on your part, I think you have simply failed to understand what I have said several times. I will try again
                1) There is no “simple” solution to social problems. They build over time and have many causal factors. Anyone who has practical experience working in this field understands this. Also anyone who has a university education in any of the social sciences, and properly understands statistical analysis and causality will grasp this.

                As such, anyone who offers a “simple” solution is a either ignorant in these matters or….liar and. Politcians are among these liars, generally for opportunistic reason. Case in point a prime minister here who aims to pander by simply blaming the parents.

                2) In this case, parenting may or may not be a cause but is unlikley to be a contributing cause in all cases or even in most cases

                3) Further, because of the way Norwegian social and child services systems work, they will be almost certainly among the causal factor in these juvenile delinquencies, as it is their defined role to monitor and proactively take on these thigns before they happen.

                Get it? Its not simple stuff. And there are no black and white answers in such matters. eg “it was the parents faults – hey you parents, get your act together”. And yes politicians have no problem lying about and/or shooting off on subjects that they are clueless about. Just dont expect them to admit it to you.

  • GTP2

    Send them all to Kirkeness is the answer apparently. That way Norwegian criminals can be near their mums.

    • Observer2796


    • Observer2796

      and hinder the Kirkenessers (that right?) with degenerates? GT you are moving the issue around yo. Either educate these figures or get them out. Sounds harsh but it is right.

  • DKsan

    Does that mean Erna is going to be ok if an immigrant parent slaps his own child in the name of cracking him down????????????

  • Charles

    There is no simple answer or solution. This is a long term failure to include the Other (as our friend points out) and requires a long term strategy. Also these are many issues piled together that have grown into a field of mutant social weed.
    Norwegians are a relative newcomer on the receiving end of immigrants. As such, they don’t have much experience and don’t know better. Yet they think they do! What is astounding is their reluctance to look at other Western nations’ experience and learn from it. In this line of thought the main issue is overcoming you own mindset.
    And it all comes down to what works and what doesn’t. Whatever state and society have been doing so far apparently doesn’t. There some bright kids that do quite well in school and later in their career. But don’t get fooled, these are rather the exceptions than the rule. They have prevailed despite adverse conditions.
    What to do? I can think of a number of things, but I doubt it will exhaust the issue. Kanon has given a few ideas about thorough social work. I guess one sensitive, but necessary and practical measure is to break up the ghettos. It is harder to tell people where to live for a number of reasons, but it is quite possible to impose quotas on schools. Asylum seekers could also be spread around the country, though we’ve already seen the negative reactions of smaller communities.
    Also, you need to start with the parents. Most of them do whatever they can to survive, but it is often not enough. They need proper tools to understand the local culture and how society works. Some will fare better than others, but there’s gotta be a bridge extended towards you. You need the gear, but ultimately you’ve gotta cross the bridge yourself.
    Finally, they need society at large to accept them as their own. This is a slow and difficult process. No laws, media exposure or moralizing help. Norway is a multi-cultural society, but on a small scale. I see more programs on TV including immigrants. Naïve as they may seem it is another positive step forward.
    Still, if the locals don’t like you and don’t want you in, how do you ever integrate? I don’t have a good answer to this question.

    • Observer2796

      Oh. Some issues. Charlie.

      “There some bright kids that do quite well in school and later in their career. But don’t get fooled, these are rather the exceptions than the rule. They have prevailed despite adverse conditions. ”

      …Why not uplift these examples to make them a role model?

      “I guess one sensitive, but necessary and practical measure is to break up the ghettos”

      Norwegian social industry (cause thats what it is) should overcome their reluctance to engage these disadvantaged individuals, and really get in there. Get behind the front door. Set measures. Do something!

      “You need the gear, but ultimately you’ve gotta cross the bridge yourself.”

      If you’re being stymied along the way why would you even try?

      “Norway is a multi-cultural society,”

      No its not. Judging by our many discussions here it is a we against them hostile environment.

      I willing to bet you’re from an advanced society that got their shit eventually sorted. Norway has an inward navel staring mindset. Difficult to change.

      • Charles

        Norway is a kind of multi-cultural society. Perhaps not the best example, young and clumsy, on its way, slowly getting there, then who knows, maybe never arriving at that juncture. But don’t forget that the population is only 5 millions. This makes me think that the level of tolerance for immigration is much lower. And if you talk to people, read the press or the forums, this is the feeling that you get.

  • Charles

    Like US jails ever made an impact on crime rates! What we can learn from that system is how things should NOT be done. Btw as far as I am concerned Norway has one of the best results in the world for lowest re-offending rates.

    • 12345

      more like lowest rate of the police catching criminals

  • Robert Neve

    Well if the parents are not fit to raise children then they should not be raising them. Plenty of families can and have done it. To try and blame everyone else but those involved in just typical of modern life. Nothing is ever my fault. The state doesn’t do it for me. Society doesn’t bend over to help me. I was poor as a child. I came from a divorced family. The colour of my skin is wrong. The religion I had was wrong. and on and on. If you put in the effort and try you will succeed. How many black children in the US use their race as an excuse for their failures? Yet Obama made president. Sexism was rift in UK politics in the 70s yet Thatcher still got that top job. The excuse of being poor? There is a Korean kid who went on their pop idol; he was 5 when he ran away to live on the streets but still has a high school diploma. There are slum kids in India teaching themselves advanced science and languages with nothing more than public internet access booths. There are slum kids in Africa that go on to make successful companies.

    So please stop with the pathetic excuses. This is their actions. It is their choices. And it is their responsibility.

    • Observer2796

      I’m not sure we’re pursuing the same objective here Rob. I get that that kids can emerge out of shit circumstances to become successful. But a proper mindful parent can make a difference. And yes. Too many parents (native Norwegians too) think the state will care of their offspring.

    • Kanon25

      These two deserves a special mention because of how shallow and misqguided they are:

      “How many black children in the US use their race as an excuse for their failures? Yet Obama made president.”
      – Well sir, racism and its effects in the US are a well documented social problem, but strangely you somehow present them as an “excuse” and point out one outlier anecdotal result amidst a track record of millions of outcomes.: talk about blaming the victim. Not to mention, Obama has the benefit of light skin, a white mother and white family. Which if you understand American culture exponentially changes the game. But hey, what do facts matter, right?

      “Sexism was rift in UK politics in the 70s yet Thatcher still got that top job.”

      – Yes, she did it by aping all the worst characteristics of men, When she got in office,she did nothing for women and today the UK is way behind Norway and all of Scandinavia actually, in terms of gender equality. So much for Thatcher as a shining example.

      • Robert Neve

        Sexism, racism etc make it harder. Of course and that is a whole different problem that needs to be tackled. But it is not an excuse to not bother trying.

        • Kanon25

          “But it is not an excuse to not bother trying.”
          1) Again you’re misleading by claiming the victims are not trying.

          2) Secondly you’re more interested in blaming the victim and sweeping the real issue under the carpet. Sexism and racism dont merely “make it harder”, the act as real barriers for many in their quest to make it. The outcome is wasted human resources.

          That’s why most modern societies in some way or form attempt to take this on.

          Hope you grasp that the resources societies put into fighting this wasted resources are in themselves underlining the lie in you claim that all this is down to people not trying,

        • Andy AUS

          Your dead right on this Rob. I think it is great she has come out and said this.

    • GTP2

      But the parents are not taking that responsibility or are unable to, for whatever reason. What is the answer though? Taking the kids into care rarely has a positive effect and institutions are often schools for criminals.

      • Robert Neve

        But that’s just the point. Everyone is attacking the state for saying parents need to start taking that responsibility but at the same time nobody wants to state to take over. So what are they supposed to do? They can’t take over parenting the child and they can’t get the parents to do it. So they are suppose to just build more prisons and hire more police?

  • DK1984

    Obviously the US has serious issues when it comes to how it deals with criminal offenders, and I am NOT suggesting that Norway adopt the same types of policies that exist in the US. I am also NOT suggesting to sentence kids to jail time, and I am aware of the (American) prison culture that young people find themselves in once they have spent time in jail from a young age.

    However, I think some type of program that shows child criminals the effects of their crimes can be beneficial at preventing future crime among teens and young adults. These offenders need to be educated, not slapped on the wrist. The “scared straight” program in the US is in place in order to prevent young criminals from continuing to take part in a life of crime, and get them on the right track. The teens involved in this program have been in trouble with the law multiple times, who are usually involved in drugs and theft. They are taken to prisons where they get to meet inmates and see the daily life of prisoners who started out in similar situations as the teens, but ended up serving hard time instead of being rehabilitated or educated at the beginning of their criminal careers. Granted, it doesn’t always work, but at least it shows an effort to get delinquent teens on the right track.

    Instead of lecturing the parents of these “sons of immigrants,” the government should take effective actions towards preventing crime among teens.

    • Observer2796

      The US prison system is a privately owned for profit enterprise. Most kids in there are convicted for misdemeanors i.e marihuana related The war on drugs is a failed and discredited policy. Not sure what Norway does in terms of rehab with the feral street creatures, but I’d like to know.

      Oh and Kanon, no matter what your strategy is if the parents are ignorant and uneducated their kids will fllow suit. We have an issue here where we see kids spitting at women and calling them whores in the street. This because their fathers are shouting the same profanity at their TV’s whenever they see an attractive sexy dressed girl. if you’ve been a goat herder all your life, Norway and by extension it’s independent women can be a bit much sometimes.

  • Charles

    And I remember a few others in the likes of Shabana Rehman, trying to cross over to the “other side”, breaking away from families, voicing their opinions and demanding their rights as free individuals in a Western society, receiving threats and having to live in hiding.

    • Kanon25

      Why should we focus mention Shabana rehman but not say Hadia Tajik or Abid Q. Raja?

      Any why must we mention Shabana Rehman with out say mentioning the Crown Price of Norway who reportedly had to threaten to abdicate in order to be able to marry a woman of his own choosing? I mean they are innvandrere too: “integrerte” danish 3rd generation immigrants. Still living on massive public welfare after all these years though. Family even had some years as asylum seekers in England too, but hey let’s not get into that…

      • Charles

        Am not trying to make a list. Include the Singh boy if you like. The point is, at the time she started writing as a social critic, some other girls started coming out with criticism aimed at their own. And the threats came.

        And no I don’t think the royal family has any place in this debate what so ever!

    • Tom Just Olsen

      Of the immigrants I know, all are very fine people with exemplary children – that just anybody could envy them. Let us not forget that it is a tiny minority that cause trouble.

      • Charles

        always the case. a minority spoils the fun for everyone else. then comes the group label.

      • GTP2

        Wow, you shocked me there Tom.

  • Charles

    It is more like a mixture of bitterness, confusion and despair. That is just one possibility. Then who knows. I have just seen quite a few of them, for whatever reason some never come out of the ghetto mindset. They think of themselves as second class citizens, always living on the fringe of society.

  • Observer2796

    I’ll be the last to defend this stuff. Kids go in as petty offenders and come out as hardened criminals. But lets be honest here. All of you are advocating harsh punishments, and sometimes controversial shit. Get it right.

  • Peter Hoe

    I think the Prime Minister should have directed her attention to the head of Oslo police. To get the police department to commit to an action plan that would stop this criminal wave in the shortest time possible. Otherwise, like cancer, it would be too deeply entrenched into society & impossible to remove. When you think about the size of the city of Oslo, it becomes a joke that the authorities cannot protect the citizens from a group of thugs obviously going around from neighborhood to neighborhood. Opportunist are everywhere and given the chance, they strike. Especially when police response rate is slow and inadequate. Getting immigrant parents to mind their kids is a joke indeed when some Norwegian parents cannot mind their own kids. Wake up Oslo. This is unacceptable. The people of Oslo must demand better protection from the Police department. It is their right. From the looks of it, talk after talk is happening when “police have organized community meetings…” and not much concrete action is taken.
    I’m still waiting for the authorities to release an action plan that would assure the residents of what use to be a peaceful city by the fjord!

    • Observer2796

      Wow Peter. Tell us how you really feel man. Honest question; are you or were you by any chance ever directly confronted by these “opportunists”?

      I’m asking because all I’ve ever seen in Oslo are G4S rent-a-cops. From the airport to busy downtown squares. They were there. Real police are far and few. Would you like to elevate the largest privately controlled, stock exchanged traded, security army to actually protect you?

  • John Palmer

    I see that immigration is as hot a topic in Norway as in the US. Maybe even hotter. Never an easy answer.

  • Charles

    LOL the Fox indeed!

  • 12345

    Worse to not get visa to the US ever than a couple of months in “prison”