Progress Party won’t act on circumcision ban

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Norway’s conservative Progress Party created a fuss last weekend, when it decided at its national meeting to make a ban on circumcision of baby boys part of its party platform. Now party officials say they won’t make any moves to propose a ban as law.

After days of criticism from religious groups and not least the state of Israel, Justice Minister Per-Willy Amundsen of the Progress Party declared in Parliament that he won’t be following up the ban that was promoted by a majority of his party fellows. He said he “has no intention to make any moves in regards to the party’s measure.”

Progress Party leader Siv Jensen made it clear she personally does not support a ban on circumcision, which is a religious ritual among many adherents to the Muslim and Jewish religions. She stressed that her party has been one of Israel’s strongest supporters in Norway.

Both she, Amundsen and other party officials, though, have had to fend off strong criticism that the measure was an attack on both Muslim and Jewish minorities in Norway. Kjell Ingolf Ropstad of the Christian Democrats accused the Progress Party of “forcing Jews to move out of Norway.” staff

  • Thomas R Engel

    Turns out I was circumcised; wasn’t aware of it at the time; this is probably being proposed to outlaw female circumcision. I think Norway is wrong to disestablish the Lutheran Church–but maybe it was done to keep Islam from being made the state religion some day in maybe 50 years.

    • richard albert

      The state needs to regulate overt abuse. However, I share your experience; I think my Men’s Physical Culture class (read – first locker-room experience) was when I became aware that I had been streamlined. How kind and correct is it to relegate a child who resides, and will possibly do so for the foreseeable future, to a life of ostracism and ridicule in his enclave or community? He has no ‘choice’ in this either. He can’t join the circus anymore, because they are being PC’d out of existence*. Maybe the all-knowing state should make foreskin-wigs available so kids won’t get beaten up by their peers.
      *Joke? Nope. The joke is on us.