‘Russ’ drop premium for sex in roundabouts

Graduating high school students known as russ have decided to drop one of their many dubious distinctions handed out during their spring partying season. They’ll no longer award a knot in the tassels of their student caps for having sex in a roundabout, at least not in the inland community of Ringsaker. The russ (roughly pronounced […]

Speed traps halted hundreds

Norwegian police warned they’d be setting up speed controls all over the country this week, but not everyone got the message. A total of 799 drivers were stopped and fined on the spot after being caught exceeding the speed limit. “This is a high number,” Roar Skjelbred Larsen of the state highway patrol told Norwegian […]

Several cities report bad air quality

Icy streets and sidewalks during the winter prompted city maintenance crews to strew them with lots of gravel and sand so they wouldn’t be so slippery. That, combined with a lack of rain in recent weeks, has sent air quality levels up to “red alert” levels in several Norwegian cities, including Oslo. The pollution wasn’t […]

Woman held on terror charges

A woman from Somalia who arrived in Norway in 2013 has been held in police custody since December, charged with attempts to take part in the terrorist group IS. She was arrested in Italy, believed to have been on her way to join IS warriors in the Middle East. Newspaper Aftenposten reports that she allegedly […]

Road tolls going up again in Oslo

Drivers of gasoline- and diesel-fueled vehicles recently saw road tolls into Oslo jump to NOK 49 (USD 6.40), and higher if driving in from the west. Now they daily face tolls of as much as NOK 160, while owners of electric cars will be charged for the first time as well, albeit much less. A […]

Bans imposed on helium balloons

Several local governments around Norway have decided to ban the sale of helium balloons on the upcoming Constitution Day on the 17th of May. They contend the balloons contain pollutants and too often end up as garbage in the hills, forests or the sea. “If you let go of a helium balloon, it will probably […]

Farmer appeals corruption verdict

A farmer from Hedmark who was convicted of swindling his own cooperative, Gartnerhallen, for nearly NOK 46 million has filed an appeal. He claims he’s innocent. The Oslo City Court claimed otherwise, sentencing him to five years in prison and ordering him to repay the money. The jail term was almost exactly what prosecutors demanded […]

Family members killed in camper fire

The mother, father and one of their two children in a family from Sandnes were killed during the weekend, when the camping van in which they were sleeping at a park along the west coast reportedly exploded, and then caught fire. They left behind one teenaged daughter. “She’s being looked after by her grandparents and […]

Supreme court won’t hear appeal against Arctic oil drilling

Norway’s highest court (Høyesterett) has refused to hear a direct appeal filed by environmental organizations that lost their attempt to halt oil exploration in the Barents Sea. The organizations aren’t giving up, though, and will now file their complaint according to normal procedure at the appeals court level. Greenpeace, Natur og Ungdom (Nature and Youth) […]

Bear shot in Trøndelag

Hunters tracked down and shot a bear in Midtre Gauldal in Trøndelag last week, acting on authority from the state directorate in charge of the environment. Even though bears are protected in Norway, they’re often shot if they’re viewed as posing a threat to the local population or livestock. News bureau NTB reported that officials […]