Norwegians dominated World Cup opener

Norwegian dominance of cross-country skiing continued as the new World Cup season opened in Finland over the weekend. From the opening races on Friday through those on Sunday, Norwegian skiers were in the lead, even though one got confused, crossed a finish line too soon and declared herself an “idiot.” The Norwegian victories began on Friday, […]

Russian border conflicts continue

Norwegian and Russian authorities continue to disagree on several cases involving the status of asylum seekers trying to enter Norway from Russia. Around 100 people have been sent back to Russia during the past week, but Russia isn’t accepting all of them. Norwegian authorities contend the Russian rejections amount to a violation of an immigration […]

‘Julebord’ season keeps police busy

The often wild Christmas party season in Norway, known as julebordsesongen, kept police extra busy during the weekend. Instead of celebrating peace on earth, many partying Norwegians seemed intent on disturbing it. “We had quite a lot of calls tied to lack of order and disturbances of the peace,” Gjermund Stokkli, operations leader for the Oslo […]

Border control led to protest

The Norwegian government’s decision to impose stricter border controls this week got off to a relatively smooth start on Thursday. On Friday, though, a couple of asylum seekers refused to be sent back to Russia, and sat down on the border in protest. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported Friday afternoon that both protesters were eventually arrested and […]

Eager shoppers latched onto ‘Black Friday’

Like Halloween and Valentine’s Day, another North American tradition called “Black Friday” has become popular in Norway, much to the despair of critics. Thousands of Norwegians stood in lines and even camped outside shopping centers, to cash in Friday on what they believed to be huge discounts on selected merchandise. The fourth Friday in November […]

‘Slow TV’ train ride a hit in the air

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK’s) groundbreaking “slow TV” program six years ago, which followed the entire journey of a train on the scenic route between Oslo and Bergen, has suddenly become a hit on board British Airways flights. News bureau NTB reported this week how the airline included the program in its on-board entertainment programming last year. Now […]

TV2: ‘Krekar wanted to burn Parliament’

Norwegian television channel TV2 has reported that Mullah Krekar, the Muslim cleric now facing new terror charges, wanted to set fire to the Norwegian flag, the Norwegian constitution and the Parliament building. TV2 cited police documents that led to charges filed against Krekar in Italy after a European investigation. Krekar was charged by Italian prosecutors earlier […]

More slippery roads hit Hordaland this time

A combination of rapidly changing temperatures and rain set off another wave of traffic chaos on Thursday, this time in the western county of Hordaland. After a string of accidents in the Oslo area earlier this week, it was the Austevoll south of Bergen that got hit hard on Thursday morning. The roads were so […]

Threatened school reopened after all

UPDATED: Authorities in Oslo had considered keeping the Grünerløkka elementary school closed for as long as 10 days, after receiving what reported were more “concrete death threats directed at students and teachers.” On Wednesday, though, they reopened the school based on preliminary results of a police investigation. The school has been closed twice in the past week, […]

Telenor selling historic old headquarters

Telenor's old Telegrafbygning opened in 1924 at Kongens gate 21, across the street from the Steen & Strøm department store building. PHOTO: Wikipedia Commons

Troubled Norwegian telecoms firm Telenor has moved far from its roots as Norway’s public telephone and telegraph utility. Now it’s severing more of them, after deciding to sell the historic building in Oslo where much of its operations began, the iconic Telegrafbygningen. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported that Telenor, currently caught up in corruption allegations at […]