Oslo museum projects in exclusive exhibition

Two Norwegian museums currently under construction have made it into an exclusive exhibit of international projects viewed as being the museums of the future. Both the now-rising Munch Museum in Oslo and Norway’s new National Museum are included. Newspaper Dagsavisen reported that the two Oslo projects were singled out as being part of museums that distinguish themselves […]

Satellites to monitor fishing and oil spills

Norway launched two satellites from Kazakhstan late last week, to monitor shipping traffic, illegal fishing and oil spills. The first signals were already being registered during the weekend. The two satellites NORSAT-1 and NORSAT-2 are the first of 70 small satellites being released from a Sojusbærerakett, launched from the Russian base in Bajkonur in Kazakhstan. […]

Seafood exports break all records

Despite a decline in the export of trout, herring and shellfish, Norwegian seafood exports have never been higher than they were during the first six months of this year. Their value reached NOK 46.3 billion (USD 5.6 billion), also aided by a relatively weak krone. Sheer volume rose 4 percent, to 1.3 million tons, while the […]

Fatal boat fire under investigation

The state search and rescue service for Southern Norway is asking the national accidents investigation board (Havarikommisjonen) to investigate a fire on board a private boat in the Oslo Fjord during the weekend. It claimed the life of a woman who was trapped inside the boat. News bureau NTB reported that one person was rescued relatively unharmed […]

Police probe cattle injuries

A cattle owner in Valdres has reported injuries suffered by 10 of his free-grazing cattle to police after the animals were found bloody and with deep cuts earlier this week. One cow had to have her tail amputated and it’s feared someone has intentionally abused the small herd. Farmer Embrik Før of Vestre Slidre found his herd injured and […]

Widerøe cancels more flights

Norway’s small domestic airline Widerøe cancelled several more scheduled flights late this week, disrupting travel plans for scores of passengers. Like their bigger rival Norwegian Air, the airline lacks enough flight crews. “Some of the cancellations have been warned in advance, but we had to cancel some additional flights the last two days and today,” […]

Highway officials warn against summer stress

It’s summer holiday time in Norway, and thousands have hit the road on their way to holiday homes or other destinations. They’re also likely to wind up behind motor homes, tour buses and camping vans, and highway officials don’t want that to cause accidents. “Many will think that they can just pass (larger, slower vehicles) […]

Nobel Peace Center honours Liu Xiaobo

The Nobel Peace Center in Oslo was mourning the death of jailed Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo on Thursday and announced that it had set up a commemorative installation about his life and work. An online book of condolences has also been opened, the center stated, “for all those who would like to remember and pay […]

Underwater restaurant planned for southern coast

Norway looks set to boast Europe’s first underwater restaurant. Two developers in the southernmost community of Lindesnes hope construction can begin later this year. Their plans call for a restaurant that can seat 80 to 100 guests, with only a few centimeters of glass separating them from an underwater world. The developers have commissioned the Oslo-based international architecture […]

Call goes out for higher bottle deposit fee

Norwegians rank high in dutifully turning in their used drink cans and plastic bottles at local grocery stores, and getting the deposit fee they paid on purchase refunded (called pant). Now environmental officials want to raise the deposit fee, to encourage even more people from simply throwing their bottles away. “Maybe some folks think that […]