Norway and Russia strike new fishing deal

For the second time in recent weeks, Norway and Russia have shown they can rise above political tensions to strike agreements on some key Arctic issues. After first agreeing on how seismic vessels can cross back and forth over the two countries’ offshore border in the Barents Sea, now they’ve agreed on a new batch […]

Labour confederation may block oil drilling off Lofoten

A majority of the trade union federatations making up Norway’s largest labour confederation LO may vote in favour of keeping the waters off Lofoten, Vesterålen and Senja free of oil exploration. LO boss Gerd Kristiansen, however, continues to rally in favor of it, because of the jobs it can create. News broke earlier this week […]

Russian warrior arrested, faces deportation

Norwegian police have arrested a Russian citizen who’s been living in Tønsberg but fighting for pro-Russian militia in eastern Ukraine. Yan Petrovskiy  was recently declared a threat to national security, and his residence permission in Norway has been revoked. That cleared the way for police to arrest the 29-year-old Petrovskiy, who first came to Norway as […]

Car race film knocks out the king

The new Norwegian film about how Norway’s late King Haakon VII refused to cooperate with Nazi Germany after its invasion during World War II has drawn crowds, but not as large as those keen to see the sequel to a popular film about a car race around Norway. Børning 2 is also expected to roll over Kongens nei […]

Oslo tries to clean up its garbage

City officials in Oslo have been deluged with complaints during the past week about a lack of garbage collection. After the city switched collection companies, things haven’t gone smoothly. Many Oslo residents have been met by the sight of overflowing garbage containers and garbage bags strewn around them, prompting commentators to complain that Oslo was becoming “the Naples of […]

Cycling stars quarreled after World Championship loss

Norway’s two top cyclists, Alexander Kristoff and Edvald Boasson Hagen, wound up at odds with one another this week after Kristoff blamed Hagen for all but ruining Kristoff’s chances for winning the World Championships in Qatar over the weekend. Kristoff accused Hagen of trying to win himself, instead of backing up Kristoff. Hagen flatly denied […]

Thousands turned out to save the wolves

Several thousand Norwegians demonstrated in front of the Parliament in Oslo over the weekend, to protest plans by state officials to kill 47 wolves this winter. The planned state wolf hunt has also sparked protests from around the world. Wolves nearly became extinct in Norway before state conservationists set about rebuilding the wolf population in […]

Liberals’ leader objects to US Marines at local base

Trine Skei Grande, leader of the Liberal Party (Venstre), is really on a collision course this autum with the conservative government her party has an agreement to support. Not only is she unhappy with the government coalition’s proposed state budget, she opposes reported defense ministry plans to allow US Marines to be stationed at a […]

Toy store pulls clown costumes off the shelves

After a week of police reports all over the country confirming that the “killer clown” fad had made its way to Norway, the major toy store chain Ringo is pulling clown costumes off its shelves. The chain told state broadcaster NRK that it doesn’t want to contribute to a trend that has frightened many. Most of […]

Union won’t expand train strike, yet

The labour organization representing striking locomotive engineers decided against pulling more of them off the job on Friday. “We don’t want to make things even more difficult for passengers,” union leader Rolf Ringdal told state broadcaster NRK. The strike has dragged on for 16 days, with several thousand train cancellations, mostly on commuter lines around […]