Platou opted for Clarkson over own stocklisting

Oslo shipbroking and investment firm RS Platou dropped plans to stocklist its own shares in favour of being taken over by longtime Clarkson of London. The two brokerages formally agreed to a merger this week, and the new combined firm will be called Clarkson Platou. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN), which first wrote about the pending deal […]

Airport evacuated, bomb threat over

UPDATED: Torp Airport in Sandefjord, south of Oslo, was evacuated Thursday afternoon after an “unidentifed object” was found in an airport lavatory. A team of investigators who specialize in disarming bombs was sent to the airport and could later determine the object was not dangerous. The bomb alarm was called off Thursday evening and the mysterious object […]

Bergen football club humbled and shamed

Bergen’s once-mighty football club Brann suffered the humiliation on Wednesday night of dropping out of Norway’s top league, after losing a critical match to a much smaller club from Mjøndalen, not far from Drammen. The loss of top-league status was made worse by Brann’s troublesome so-called supporters, who threatened both spectators, players and Brann’s own coach. […]

Higher age limit for workers sets off a fuss

A proposal by Norway’s conservative government coalition to raise the maximum age for salaried workers has sparked opposition from both the labour movement and employers’ organizations. The government claims it’s just trying to expand the work force. Labour Minister Robert Eriksson of the Progress Party announced this week that the government proposes raising the age […]

Oslo shooting victim died

A man in his 50s who was shot while eating lunch at his place of work on Tuesday died on Wednesday from the wounds he suffered, police announced. Another man, also in his 50s, was in police custody, charged with murder. The mid-day incident shocked colleagues who witnessed the shooting at an industrial complex in […]

Oil fund boss mulls unlisted investments

Norway’s oil fund, where oil profits are stashed to help fund Norwegians’ pensions in the future, isn’t allowed to invest in companies that aren’t stocklisted or in the process of being listed. The fund’s boss has recently questioned that strategy, and seemed open to investing in companies long before they list on a stock exchange. “The […]

‘Sad day for Svalbard’ as mine lays off workers

Around 100 workers at the Store Norske mine on Norway’s Arctic archipelago of Svalbard are being laid off, as a result of low coal prices and cost-cutting needs at the mining company that was founded in 1916. Store Norske still operates three coal mines on Svalbard that together have employed around 340 people. Now a […]

Dutch jail ready for Norwegian prisoners

Authorities in the Netherlands have confirmed that one of its prisons in the northern part of the country can accommodate prisoners from Norway, which suffers from a lack of enough jail cells to house Norway’s growing numbers of convicts. Newspaper Bergens Tidende reported that the Veenhuizen prison in the Netherlands may take in Norwegian convicts if […]

Motor trouble strands Tesla drivers

Norway has been one of the most important new markets in the world for the trendy Tesla Model S electric cars, thanks to the country’s incentive programs and Norwegians’ wealth. Now the popular if pricey cars have been experiencing motor trouble, and many drivers aren’t nearly as pleased as they once were. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported […]

Foreign truck drivers face new restrictions

Norwegian officials have lost patience with foreign truck drivers who lack experience driving on the country’s often slick, wintry roads. Transport Minister Ketil Solvik-Olsen wants all foreign chauffeurs to take courses in winter driving before being allowed to drive over the border. “Foreign chauffeurs are over-represented in the number of accidents involving heavy vehicles in […]