Norway included in new cyber attack

At least one Norwegian company was among those under cyber attack on Tuesday, along with targets in Europe and the US, by online villains who have encrypted computer files and demanded ransom to decrypt them. National agencies, large shipping companies and banks were among the targets. “We see a spread of the ransomware virus, which spread […]

Oslo to test driverless transport service

Norwegian officials plan to introduce some boxy-looking electric vehicles next summer that will drive themselves where passengers want to go. They’re set to be tested by Ruter, Oslo’s public transport agency. A prototype of such vehicles, already being tested abroad, was in Norway earlier this year and clearly made an impression as it drove a […]

Bergen sets new record for rain

Norway’s west coast capital of Bergen is known for its rain, but this summer has been the wettest ever so far. More rainfall on Sunday meant that it had rained 26 days in a row in June, breaking a record set in 1952. Meteorologists could report that more rain has fallen on the scenic if soggy […]

Corruption concerns rise in local communities

Bribery charges tied to a series of construction projects in the city of Drammen have boosted fears that corruption in local communities is more widespread than believed. The charges in Drammen resulted this week in the third conviction so far. Th corruption scandal that has rocked Drammen, west of Oslo, continues to grow. Three people have […]

Man gets maximum sentence for killing wife and her son

A 59-year-old man in Kirkenes, Northern Norway was sentenced Thursday to 21 years in prison, the country’s maximum term, for shooting his wife and her young son at close range where they had been sleeping. He appealed the conviction on the spot. The court ruled that the 12-year-old boy from Thailand was shot first in front […]

Money pours in for many

Lots of Norwegians are suddenly flush with cash this week. Not only did their mid-June paychecks include feriepenger, a non-taxable form of holiday pay, now they’re getting tax refunds as well. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that 2.6 million Norwegians were due for tax refunds after filing their returns in April. The money began flowing into taxpayers’ […]

Teenage double murderer faces 10 years in prison

The family of a 48-year-old woman in Kristiansand who was stabbed to death when she intervened in another stabbing while out walking her dog is protesting the relatively short prison term facing the 16-year-old murderer. “How do we know he won’t do this again?” questioned the woman’s husband. “He shows no signs of remorse.” The […]

NAV reports another dip in layoffs

Norway’s state welfare agency NAV reported this week that it received around 1,500 notices from employers of looming layoffs and furloughs in May. That compares to nearly double the amount received in the same month last year. The latest decline in layoff notices brought them to their lowest level in three years, following another decline in April. […]

Norges Bank keeps interest rates low

There was, as expected, no change in interest rates when the executive board of Norway’s central bank (Norges Bank) met on Thursday. The bank board kept its key policy rate steady, at 0.5 percent. That’s where it’s been since March of last year, and most economists and analysts had predicted there would be no change. […]

Little boy gets surprise birthday guests

A five-year-old Norwegian boy named Egil who’s fascinated by the police and even has his own miniature police uniform was overwhelmed when two real live police officers arrived, in full uniform of their own, at his birthday party on Saturday. He’d invited them, but was dumbfounded when they actually showed up. His mother, Synne Aunaas, told […]