Airlines toughen up cockpit rules

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) followed rival Norwegian Air on Friday when it announced that it was now demanding that two crew members be present in the cockpit of its flights at all times. Ryanair already has such a rule in force, as do most airlines in the US. European aviation authorities also said Friday that it […]

Fewer bears in Norway

Only 136 bears were believed to wandering around Norway last year, 12 fewer than in 2013. The new statistics, from statistics agency Rovdata, indicate the lowest bear population in six years. The bears are tracked via their droppings and hair, and their numbers haven’t been as low since 2009, according to Morten Kjørstad of Rovdata. He […]

US mathematicians win Abel Prize

John Nash Jr and Louis Nirenberg were announced Wednesday as winners of the Abel Prize for 2015. PHOTO:

American mathematicians John F Nash Jr and Louis Nirenberg were announced on Wednesday as this year’s winners of the Abel Prize, awarded by the Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters. The prize recognizes “outstanding scientific work in the field of mathematics” and carries a cash prize of NOK 6 million (around USD 800,000). Nash, age […]

Man admits raping elderly woman

A 23-year-old Norwegian man made a surprise admission in court in Tønsberg on Wednesday that he had raped an 86-year-old woman in broad daylight last November. He had earlier denied the assault, which shook the local community. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that the young man lives on the island of Nøtterøy, where the assault occurred […]

Utility rejects warmth from crematorium

A large crematorium in Oslo offered to provide warmth to the city’s major utility Hafslund, which supplies energy and heating in the Oslo area. Hafslund turned down the offer, citing financial and ethical concerns. Newspaper Vårt Land reported Wednesday that the crematorium at the city’s large Alfaset cemetery wanted to hook up to Hafslund’s underground fjernvarme system. Hafslund initially […]

A-ha reunites again, for two more years

Norwegian pop band a-ha earned millions four years ago on what was supposed to be their last concert tour ever. They just haven’t been able to stay retired, though, and now they’re committing to yet another comeback that’s due to last for at least two more years. A-ha’s so-called “Farewell Tour” of 2010 clearly hasn’t lived up to its name. The […]

Krekar avoids banishment, but not confinement

Islamic cleric Mullah Krekar has managed to avoid being banished to a remote Norwegian village, at least for now. His appeal was successful, with a court ruling Friday that the Justice Ministry went too far in instructing the police to send Krekar to Kyrksæterøra, but the government may appeal itself and Krekar is still not […]

Hotel market goes ‘from bad to worse’

The slowdown in the oil sector has hit Norway’s hotel industry hard, especially in Stavanger when revenues per room have declined by 30 percent just in the past year. At the same time, around 1,000 more hotel rooms are coming on line, adding to the imbalance of supply and demand. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported […]

Prosecutors seek five-year jail terms for alleged jihadists

Two Norwegian men charged with supporting the terrorist organization IS (Islamic State) should each be jailed for five years, prosecutors argued at the end of a trial in Oslo that involved two brothers aged 25 and 28 and a 30-year-old acquaintance. The two elder defendants have both been in Syria, claiming to carry out humanitarian […]

Helly Hansen’s capital ‘out of control’

Helly Hansen, Norway’s venerable maker of rain gear and, more recently, lots of other clothing, has run into financial challenges and a cash squeeze after expensive expansion in the US, reports newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN). Both its chief executive and finance director have quit in the past month. Lars Kirkeby, credit analyst at Nordea, wrote in a […]