Mysterious deaths tied to isolation

The deaths of a 68-year-old woman and her two daughters, age 35 and 28, have set off sorrow and soul-searching in the large Oslo apartment complex where they lived. They hadn’t been seen, or missed, since last summer but police claim all three “chose to isolate themselves.” Their bodies were found late last week in […]

Kurdistan conflict hits Oslo oil firm

Shares in Norwegian oil company DNO were recovering on Wednesday, following a dive earlier this week that was tied to the ongoing conflict over Kurdistan. DNO is one of the few international firms with large oil reserves in the area, as operator of the Tawke field northeast of Kirkuk. The region has been much in […]

Facebook to publicize ‘Shame’

The social media giant Facebook revealed Wednesday that it has secured rights to stream the upcoming North American version of Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK)’s hit TV series Skam (Shame). It will thus become one of the original series to be offered by Facebook’s new streaming service, Facebook Watch. “When I first heard about Skam (which launched […]

British royals to visit Norway and Sweden

Prince William and his wife Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, will make an “official visit” to Norway early next year, according to a brief announcement Tuesday from Kensington Palace in London. The couple has been invited by Norway’s King Harald V. The dates for their visit haven’t been set yet, according to palace officials in […]

Three women found dead in Oslo flat

A woman in her late 60s and her two grown daughters were found dead in the apartment they shared at Romsås on Oslo’s east side late last week. No one had seen them since late last summer, about the time police think they died. Police forced their way into the apartment after city officials and […]

Little property tax relief in state budget

Even though Norway’s conservative government coalition opposes property tax, it didn’t do anything to prevent local governments from imposing it in the state budget. There is a proposal, however, to keep it from rising too quickly. Residents of Oslo, for example, are getting hit with much higher property tax bills than expected because of higher […]

Rejected refugee returns after lashing

An Iranian woman, deported after her asylum application was rejected by Norwegian authorities, landed back in Norway on Friday after allegedly being subjected to the punishment she’d feared when she fled Iran in 2009. Leila Bayat had claimed all along that she had sought asylum in Norway back in 2009 because she faced a sentence […]

Conservatives still lead polls

As the Conservative and Progress parties defend their state budget proposal for next year, they can gain encouragement from the latest public opinion polls that show them with majority support from voters. The Conservatives gained again in the poll conducted by research firm Opinion for newspaper group ANB. It showed the Conservatives (Høyre) with 26.7 […]

New Ibsen theater won funding

Among “goodies” offered by the Norwegian government in its state budget proposal for next year is an allotment of NOK 8 million (USD 1 million) to create a new, small theater for performing plays by Norway’s legendary Henrik Ibsen. The theater will be constructed inside the historic building that also houses the Ibsen Museum and […]

Officials crack down on school violence

Three government ministers, top politicians from the City of Oslo and the Norwegian capital’s chief of police were among those sitting down for a meeting in Oslo on Wednesday to tackle the rising problem of violence in local schools. They settled on stronger reaction and punishments, including swifter expulsions. Those causing the most trouble in […]