Men’s handball team rolls into semi-finals

Norway’s national men’s handball team won an historic spot in the semi-finals of the world handball championships on Tuesday. Some commentators were calling their performance against Hungary as the best ever they’ve ever seen. “This is fantastic!” head coach Christian Berge exclaimed to state broadcaster NRK. “I’m incredibly glad on behalf of these guys, and […]

Solberg faces more opposition over the Arctic

Business, political and environmental leaders gathered in Tromsø this week, along with indigenous peoples and researchers, for the annual Arctic Frontiers conference. It was opened by Prime Minister Erna Solberg, who later encountered opposition from those who don’t think her own Arctic policies are sustainable. Solberg believes it’s possible to “find a balance” between protecting […]

Media crisis hits TV2 hard

Norway’s national commercial television channel, TV2, is facing what’s being called the largest round of layoffs to ever hit a Norwegian media company. Legal challenges have warded off some, but nearly 200 journalists and other staffers are losing their jobs as TV2 aims to save NOK 350 million by 2020. The crisis peaked last week, […]

Many elderly patients undernourished

A new study shows that one of three patients at Norwegian hospitals is undernourished, and the numbers are higher among those who are elderly. The lack of nourishment is tied to their illnesses and lengthy hospital stays. “Even though more than half of all adults in Norway are now overweight, the numbers of those undernourished is paradoxically […]

Woman charged in fire that destroyed historic building

UPDATED: One of the oldest buildings on the main street of Lillehammer, which became internationally known during the 1994 Winter Olympics, was gutted by fire during the weekend. A woman has been charged in connection with the fire that forced the evacuation of 16 people, and she now has confessed to starting it. One of those evacuated was […]

Statoil admits to lack of maintenance

Norwegian state oil company Statoil admitted late last week that it had underestimated the risk of inadequate maintenance at both its Mongstad plant on the West Coast and on it oil installation on the Troll field. An internal probe also revealed that both accidents last fall could have had fatal consequences. As state officials also […]

Convicted Yara executive appeals prison sentence

Ken Wallace, the former chief legal counsel for Oslo-based fertilizer and chemical company Yara International, has decided to appeal the seven-year jail term he received after being convicted of corruption. It’s up to the Supreme Court whether it will hear his appeal. Wallace, an American, was the only one of four former Yara executives who’d […]

Handball men advance to quarter-finals

First they trounced Japan by a score of 38-23 and then they rolled over Macedonia during the weekend, with another victorious score of 34-24. Norway’s men’s handball team has thus won its place in the quarter-finals at the World Championships playing out in France. The biggest upset, though, came on Sunday, when Denmark’s powerhouse team lost to […]

Norway has trouble finding new football coach

Norwegian sports bureaucrats appear to be having some trouble recruiting a new head coach for their under-performing men’s national football team. Two coaching stars have already turned them down. Ståle Solbakken, the Norwegian coach of Copenhagen’s professional football club, was widely believed to be the first choice to take over for Per-Mathias Høgmo, who was […]

Norway to drop jury system on appeal

A majority in Parliament asked the government in 2015 to replace its appeals court jury system with a combination of professional and lay judges. Now the historic reform has taken shape, reports newspaper Aftenposten. Instead of having a 10-member jury decide on guilt or innocence in Norway’s most serious criminal cases, they’ll now be heard […]