Two found dead after fire at metals firm

An explosive fire swept through a metals firm at Eina in Toten, Oppland County, Friday morning. Four workers were on the job when the fire broke out at around 6:20am, and two of them failed to escape the inferno. State broadcaster NRK reported they were initially declared missing, but the bodies of a man in […]

Storms close nearly all mountain roads

State highway officials were warning on Friday that any motorists attempting to drive over the mountains of Southern Norway this weekend had better have plenty of warm clothing, food and drink in their vehicles. Snowstorms had closed nearly all main highways by Friday afternoon and there were long waits for convoy escorts on the few […]

Woman wins big in ‘Vikinglotto’

A woman from Oslo has won an historically high amount of accumulated winnings in the national lottery known as Vikinglotto. She’ll receive a total of NOK 341,285,000, the highest pot ever paid out in Vikinglotto. No one had won it since June 14, so the pot had simply grown bigger and bigger in the ensuing […]

Norway exports record amounts of gas

Never before has Norway exported so much gas as it did during the last 12 months ending in October. Norway’s Statoil also emerged as one of the largest exporters of gas to the EU. Newspaper Aftenposten reported that demand for gas increased in Europe by 20 billion standard cubic meters from October 2016 to October […]

Ex-con sentenced to death writes a book

Joshua French, the British-Norwegian soldier convicted first of murdering a taxi driver in the Democratic Republic of Congo and then for killing his partner Tjostolv Moland in prison, has emerged from seclusion after returning to Norway in May. Norwegian officials had persuaded the Congolese to release him for health reasons and now French says he’s […]

Sakharov Freedom Award goes to Russian organizations

The Norwegian Helsinki Committee, which champions human rights, will be awarding its Sakharov Freedom Award for 2017  to the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta and to the organization Committee against Torture.  Novaya Gazeta has also been a frequent candidate to win the Nobel Peace Prize. The Helsinki Committee lauded both the newspaper and the anti-torture group […]

Nazi party halted in Trondheim

Trondheim’s venerable student union (Studentersamfundet) was embarrassed and angry after a group of bartenders decided to host a “politically incorrect” party on Saturday night. They dressed up in SS uniforms, and neither guests nor leaders of the organization were amused. “I was shocked and upset,” 25-year-old Maja Sandström, who was visiting Trondheim from Östersund in […]

Warm-water fish show up in Norway

For the second time in a week, fish that thrive best in warm waters have been found beached in Norway. Scientists think they’re being carried north by warm currents, and note that such sightings are most common in the autumn. A group of children out on a midday excusion along the shore at Huk on […]

‘Norwegian Wood’ files for bankruptcy

It was once one of the most popular summer music festivals in Norway. Then “Norwegian Wood” became a shadow of its former self and on Tuesday, the company that’s run it lately filed for bankruptcy. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported that the filing, in the local court for the suburban Oslo community of Asker og […]

Hurricane-force winds hit Western Norway

UPDATED: State meteorologists warned on Wednesday that a storm bearing down on the west coast could generate winds of hurricane force, and they were right. As heavy seas and high waves crashed into coastal areas Wednesday night, winds at high elevations in Jotunheimen were clocked at 40 meters per second, well above the lower level […]