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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Eager skiers slept in their cars

Some skiers in the Oslo area have been so eager to start the season that they’ve been driving nearly three hours after work to use floodlit trails at higher elevations. Then they’ve slept in their cars, taken another pre-dawn ski trip and driven back to the city in time for work again.

The ski season is just starting up, but some eager skiers couldn't wait for snow close to home. PHOTO: Views and News

Johannes Haukåsveen, in charge of grooming ski trails at Sjusjøen near Lillehammer, told websites and last week that he’d seen the phenomenon before. This fall it happened again:

Eager skiers drive up in cars with license plates from the Oslo area, head out on a ski run and take a shower at a nearby stadium. Then they sleep in their cars and take off skiing again at around 5-6am before driving off, presumably back to the city and their jobs.

“I don’t really know what we should call them,” Haukåsveen told “But you won’t find more eager folks.”

Snow finally started falling in the hills and forests around the capital in sufficient quantities this week to allow some ski trails to be groomed, in Sørkedalen and Lommedalen, for example, and north from Sollihøgda. That means the most enthusiastic skiers can now drop the long drive to higher elevations, and even sleep in their own beds.

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