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Saturday, April 20, 2024

More snow and slides on the way

The record cold snap that held most of Norway in its icy clutches since mid-November has eased for now, but more snow was forecast over the central and southern parts of the country. Slide warnings remained in force in the north.

More snow was due to fall over southern Norway this week. Here, the view over Hadeland on New Year's Eve. PHOTO: Views and News

State meteorologists predicted that snow would start falling all over southeastern Norway on Tuesday, mostly in the afternoon. The amounts on Tuesday weren’t expected to be great, “but enough that snow plows will be called out and skiers will be happy,” Bjart Eriksen of the state meteorological institute told news bureau NTB.

As many as 15 centimeters were expected over Østlandet, and motorists were already being cautioned that driving conditions would be difficult on Wednesday.

The snowfall would increase through Thursday but let up on Friday, when temperatures were due to fall again, according to Eriksen. “The weather will get considerably better over the weekend, but somewhat colder,” he said, with tempertures falling from around minus-4C during the week to minus-8C on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the snow was due to let up in the north, with the sun coming out in areas where it’s still above the horizon. Heavy snow already on the ground, however, was posing hazards for homeowners and motorists, especially in Troms County.

“People living in areas that are vulnerable to slides should leave their homes for the next few nights,” Police Chief Truls Fyhn told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK).

His warning came just after Norway’s geological institute (Norges Geotekniske Institute, NGI) issued Level 4 avalanche alerts for Troms. That’s the second-highest level on the international scale, indicating built-up snow with poor stability. Police weren’t planning any evacuations but recommended some schools.

On Sunday, parts of the roof over a brand-new sports hall in Tromsø collapsed under the weight of snow. No one was injured.

Views and News from Norway/Nina Berglund
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