Unemployment falls again

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Unemployment in Norway has fallen for the fourth month in a row, with unemployment now standing at 2.9% – with 5,600 less unemployed people than at this time last year.

74,200 are now registered as unemployed in Norway, according to the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (Arbeids- og velferdsforvaltningen, NAV). Unemployment fell 2,500 during the month of March.

NAV’s Joakim Lystad told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) that “the increased need for workers in the private sector” was “especially” responsible for the fall in unemployment. Nonetheless, Lystad pointed to the fact that there are “more long-term unemployed” people, and that “many of those that became unemployed in the wake of the financial crisis have had problems with finding work again.”

Statistics further showed that unemployment had fallen in male-dominated industries, but risen slightly in female-dominated sectors.

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