Oslo gets hundreds of new citizens

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Nearly 400 persons from 104 countries took a ceremonial oath of Norwegian citizenship in Oslo’s City Hall on Sunday, and hundreds more were eligible to do so.

It was the 10th time the City of Oslo hosted a formal citizenship ceremony in the stately City Hall, where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded every December. Most of the new Norwegians dressed up for the ceremony, which was conducted by the top official for the counties of Oslo and Akershus, Hans Røsgjordet.

While 383 persons actually attended the ceremony, a total of 1,467 have been granted citizenship during the past year in both Oslo and Akershus. Of the total, 933 live in Oslo, 130 live in the municipality of Bærum, 85 in Skedsmo, 60 in Lørenskog and 55 in Asker, with the rest living in other townships around the capital.

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