Libyan targets revealed

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Norwegian defense officials have finally revealed more details about the targets bombed by Norwegian fighter jet pilots over Libya. One of four attacks has been directed at Libyan Colonel Moammar Gadhafi’s command and communications centers.

Newspaper Aftenposten, which has been pressuring Norwegian officials to reveal more details about Norwegian operations over Libya, reported that the Norwegian pilots have destroyed 36 Libyan tanks, out of a total of 100 tanks destroyed by NATO forces in general.

Military officials confirmed 78 bombings of communications control centers and overhead masts and 238 bombings of ammunitions storage units. The Norwegian F-16 jets have also bombed 16 armoured personnel carriers, 10 air defense installation, nine land lines for communication, eight storage centers for military vehicles, seven fighter jet hangars one Scud missile and 21 other military vehicles.

The Norwegian defense officials refused to answer question about how many of Gadhafi’s soldiers have been killed, which areas Norwegian pilots have bombed, how much ammunition has been used and how many pilots have been involved.

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