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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Holiday priority is friends and family

A survey by newspaper Aftenposten has revealed that Norwegians see “being together with family and friends” as the most important aspect of their summer holidays.

When Norwegians are on holiday, one of their top priorities is to spend time with friends and family. PHOTO: Views and News

47 percent of those asked responded that “being together with family and friends” was their priority over the coming months, whereas 18 percent named “relaxing” as the focus of their holiday plans. In contrast, 15 percent were most interested in “traveling and adventure.”

The majority of respondents – some 36 percent of Norwegians – plan to simply remain at home during the holidays. Of those traveling, most will go abroad (31 percent), while those remaining in the country are most likely to end up by the sea, where 29 percent intend to spend their summer. A third of the richest Norwegian households (with earnings over NOK 800,000, or nearly USD 150,000, a year) will spend the holidays at their own summer house, while half of that number with earnings under NOK 400,000 have access to their own cottage. 47 percent of those in this lower income bracket plan to stay at home for the summer.

In terms of spending habits, the youngest are by far the most thrifty, with just 5 percent of under-30s planning to spend NOK 30,000 (nearly USD 5,600) or more. This is three times less than those aged 30 to 60. Those that will travel abroad are perhaps unsurprisingly planning the most spending, with 29 percent of them estimating that they will use NOK 30,000 or more. Indeed, 20 percent of those going abroad will make use of their own holiday home, while 9 percent will stay in their own apartment. This comes after news that prices for summer houses in Norway have considerably increased recently, and other surveys that suggested that average holiday spending is increasing.

In terms of other age-related statistics, over-60s were found to be more inclined to “traveling and adventure” than their younger counterparts, with 17 percent of over-60s naming this as most important compared to 12 percent of 30 to 44 year-olds. Only 16 percent of over-60s were interested in “relaxing,” compared to 25 percent of under-30s.

The survey even highlighted some interesting holiday trends when considering Norwegians’ political affiliations. 42 percent of voters for the far left Rødt party say that “relaxing and calming down” was most important while off work, which is far above the average. Perhaps less surprisingly, 64 percent of Christian Democratic Party voters named “being together with family and friends;” only 8 percent of Christian Democrats favoured “relaxing and calming down.” Meanwhile, half of voters for the traditionally rural Center Party were planning to stay at home for the summer, compared to just under 30 percent for both the Socialist Left Party and the Conservative Party.

Views and News from Norway/Aled-Dilwyn Fisher
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