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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Lots more rain in long-term forecast

Norwegian meteorologists are predicting more heavy rain and dark, grey skies for the next few weeks, with one forecaster even advising his fellow Norwegians to give up on nice weather at home and head south for their holidays.

More rain on the windows can be expected in much of Norway during the next two weeks. PHOTO: Views and News

“Pack the car or a suitcase and travel southwards, for example to the Mediterranean,” state meteorologist Inge Johannessen wrote on the Storm weather website.

The reason for his pessimism is the new long-term forecast that predicts the weather for the next two weeks. Johannessen believes there’s between a 60 and 70 percent chance for ongoing low-pressure systems that will ruin the chance of sunshine and probably yield a lot more rain.

The low-pressure systems are expected to hover over southern Norway until the 15th and possibly as late as the 18th of July. Temperatures will be between 14-18C (the high 50s-60F).

In other words, not exactly warm and pleasant. Ingrid Bentsen of the state Meteorological Institute also predicts, at the very least, highly unstable weather over all of southern Norway for the next two weeks.

“There will be a lot of the same sort of weather we’ve had so far, with periods of rain,” Bentsen told “It won’t be bad weather every single day, but the low-pressure systems will dominate.”

In southern Norway, the rainiest weather will be inland with greater chance of sunshine or at least no rain along the coast. In northern Norway, rain is also expected but the weather there has been generally better than in in the south.

Western Norway is also expected to get a lot of rain through this week and next.

Views and News from Norway/Nina Berglund
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