Commentator killed in boating accident

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One of Norway’s most high-profile political commentators, Olav Versto, was found dead in a marina in Farsund, southwestern Norway, on Thursday night. Details were sketchy, but police believe the death was the result of a boating accident.

Versto, age 60, was on holiday and the motor of his boat, a Viknes 1040, was running when police arrived. Passersby had called police after spotting a body in the water. An obduction was ordered into the cause of death.

Versto was political editor for Norway’s largest tabloid newspaper Verdens Gang (VG) from 1994 until 2008 and most recently was editor of the paper’s commentary section. He had previously worked for Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) and was considered one of Norway’s sharpest and most knowledgeable commentators.

“He was highly respected and had a high star among VG’s readers,” said VG’s former editor in chief Bernt Olufsen.

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