Nordea fraud suspects jailed, fined

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The convicted leader of a group of five persons charged in one of Norway’s largest bank fraud cases ever was sentenced to 10 years in prison after the group managed to transfer around NOK 60 million from a Nordea Bank branch to banks in Dubai.

The transfers were carried out when one of the group’s members, a Norwegian woman, impersonated a wealthy Norwegian heiress and, with the help of a bank employee, drained the heiress’ accounts at Nordea. The woman’s impersonator was sentenced to four years and six months in prison.

Three other accomplices in the case were sentenced to between four and 10 years and ordered to repay the millions that disappeared.

All the suspects had pleaded not guilty to the charges facing them. The court suspects the money remains accessible in Dubai, where the brother of the alleged ringleader lives. That led to the relatively lengthy prison terms handed down Wednesday.

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