Chile frees ‘Berserk’ captain

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Controversial Norwegian skipper Jarle Andhøy has been allowed to sail from a Chilean port where his new boat had been under arrest since last week. The boat was stopped by Chilean authorities after its recent expedition into Antarctica.

Andhøy had bought the boat in New Zealand when it was called Nilaya, and used it in an attempt to find out what happened to his previous boat, which was called Berserk and disappeared in a storm last year after Andhøy and a young companion had disembarked to trek to the South Pole. Crew members left on board the missing Berserk are presumed dead.

Authorities in New Zealand and Norway have criticized Andhøy’s ventures into Antarctica and claimed they were unauthorized. Chilean authorities denied their arrest of Andhøy’s new boat was tied to any requests from New Zealand, and rather resulted from alleged deficiencies with its paperwork and reported renaming from Nilaya to Berserk.

A spokesman for Andhøy said the boat was now proceeding to Argentina for repairs.

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