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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Christian Democrats soften stance against gay marriage

Leaders of the conservative Christian Democrats party are proposing a major change in the party’s position on Norway’s marriage laws. While many party members remain opposed to gay marriage, party officials now claim it should be up to various religious congregations in Norway to decide whether they’ll marry persons of the same sex.

They’re proposing replacing Norway’s marriage law, which has allowed both heterosexual and homosexual marriage since 2009, with a more neutral samlivslov – literally a law governing legal relationships. It would still allow homosexuals to marry in civil ceremonies, and leave it to various faiths to decide whether to also offer religious ceremonies.

Dagrun Eriksen, deputy leader of the party, said the term “marriage” should still, in the opinion of the party, apply to men and women. They believe homosexuals, however, should have the right to secure a legal framework around their domestic relationships. The party’s program committee supports a law where all relationships between adults in Norway would be regulated by the samlivslov.

Eriksens said the party remains concerned that the current marriage law can force religious congregations to marry gays and lesbians. The Christian Democrats remain opposed to allowing homosexuals to adopt children.

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