Local wolf wandered far

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A wolf that was spotted several times in the Oslo area last winter and spring has since wandered several hundred kilometers to the north, according to a newsletter from Rovdata, which monitors predators in Norway.

The wolf was spotted by several people in the forest on Oslo’s east side known as Østmarka last winter, also in April, northeast of Oslo near the city of Lillestrøm.

Now the same wolf has been traced to Agdenes in the county of Sør-Trøndelag, reports news bureau NTB. The wolf’s long excursion was confirmed though DNA analysis of hair and excrement found in the area.

“Our tracking of the wolf and testing of traces left by the wolf show that it has wandered from Akershus (the county surrounding Oslo) via Oppland and Nordmøre to Trondelag,” Morten Kjørstad, leader of Rovdata, told NTB. “That’s a distance of 500 kilometers as the crow flies.”

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