Reindeer plagued by darts

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Someone apparently started using some wandering reindeer in northern Norway as a dart board last week. Police have been called in to investigate after two male reindeer started acting unusually aggressive towards children, reports newspaper Finnmark Dagblad.

The mayor of Hammerfest himself, Alf Einar Jakobsen of the Labour Party, also went out to see the badly behaving reindeer and discovered that one of them had darts sticking out of his hind quarters.

“I think it’s the darts that made him start acting so aggressively,” Jakobsen told Finnmark Dagblad.

Per Valved of the police force in charge of issues involving reindeer agreed. “This is a case of cruelty to animals,” he said. They would try to track down whoever threw darts at the reindeer.

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