Estonians killed in mysterious car accident

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Two young men from Estonia have been identified as the victims of a dramatic and, police note, mysterious car accident earlier this week. Their car crashed into a river northeast of Oslo, but apparently flew around 90 meters through the air before hitting the water.

The accident late Tuesday night didn’t appear to involve any other cars than the Estonian-registered Saab 9000 that the men were found in. The car was recovered from the river and will be subject to what police call a “thorough” examination.

News bureau NTB reported that police think the accident was caused by speed so excessive that the car literally took flight after hitting a curb encircling a roundabout located just outside a tunnel at Rælingen. There are few if any traces of the car between the roundabout and the adjacent Nit River (Nitelva).

“They must have had an extremely high speed,but we don’t know for sure how fast they were going,” Trond Arve Øren of the Fet og Fælingen sheriff’s office told NTB. He said the car wasn’t registered by a speed camera inside the tunnel, and one theory is that it was traveling too fast to be picked up. State highway authorities told newspaper Romerikes Blad that the cameras can only register speeds up to 240 kilometers an hour.

The two victims have been identified but their names were not released pending notification of next of kin.

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