Frequent flyers disappointed

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The Norwegian government has rejected a call by competition authorities to reinstate frequent flyer programs on domestic airline routes in Norway. They were banned several years ago largely because government officials thought smaller and upstart carriers wouldn’t be able to compete against Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)’ frequent flyer program.

Now European authorities think Norway’s domestic ban on frequent flyer programs violates competition rules, and their Norwegian counterparts at Konkurransetilsynet at least partially agreed. They urged the government to aallow airlines to offer frequent flyer points on selected routes between Oslo’s main airport at Gardermoen and Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger.

The government isn’t going along. Government minister Rigmor Aasrud announced this week that the ban on frequent flyer programs within Norway would be maintained. “We believe the entire country should have the same rules,” she said, rejecting the proposal to allow passengers to accumulate points merely on the suggested selected routes. staff