Vandal unleashes rampage in Bergen

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Police in Bergen were holding a man in custody on Thursday after he ran amok with a hammer and crowbar in the middle of the night. The man smashed up no less than 26 parked cars before he was finally caught.

Residents of the area called police around 3am when they heard the sounds of banging and shattering glass that resulted from his rampage. In addition to breaking the windows and lights on all the cars, Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that he also smashed windows in businesses lining the streets of the area known as Gyldenpris.

Police arrived quickly at the scene and tracked down the 30-year-old assailant after he’d fled. He was taken to an emergency medical clinic before being placed in custody at Bergen’s central police station.

It was unclear what unleashed the man’s rampage. Police were asking all owners of the damaged vehicles to file individual complaints against him. staff