Prisoner dug himself out of jail

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A 29-year-old man from Albania who was in custody on narcotics charges managed to literally dig his way out of a prison in Hamar this week. He reportedly made his escape with the use of a butter knife.

Local newspaper Hamar Arbeiderblad reported that the prisoner first made a hole in an exterior wall of the prison that dates from 1863. Surveillance cameras later showed that he then managed to crawl through the hole and out to the prison yard, where he quickly climbed over another fence and disappeared in the pre-dawn hours of Monday.

“Since we have control routines, we don’t think his digging project had gone on very long,” prison leader Jan Korsvold told the paper. “He probably did most of the digging during the night.”

His escape was first noted about an hour after he fled, when a prison guard came on duty. staff