Bishops protest pastors’ support for gay marriage

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Two of Norway’s bishops have cancelled their membership in the national pastors’ association (Presteforeningen). They’re protesting a vote by the association’s board last week that supports calls for homosexual couples to be allowed to marry in the Norwegian church.

News bureau NTB reported that bishops Fredrik Grønningsæter and Per Lønning pulled out of the association, with Grønningsæter saying he was “very disappointed” and had no other means of protesting the board’s support for gay marriage in the church. “I’m withdrawing after 62 years of membership and four years as chairman (of the group),” Grønningsæter told newspaper Vårt Land.

Lønning, who also has been a chairman of the pastors’ association, joined him after its board finally took a stand in the ongoing debate over gay marriage in the church. The issue isn’t fully resolved yet, though, with more debate expected. staff