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Friday, May 20, 2022

Motorists pass by fatal accident

Police in Norway have urged drivers to stop when they pass a car accident, following reports several people drove straight past a fatal head-on crash north of Stavanger on new year’s eve. One woman died and two others were seriously injured when their cars collided inside a tunnel.

“It’s alarming that many just drove past when the accident was as serious as the one in the Byfjord tunnel on new year’s eve,” Jøran Solheim from Rogaland police told newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad. “We hear regularly that people don’t stop when they pass the scene of an accident.” Solheim said a fundamental responsibility of having a driving license includes stopping to assist with a crash.

“Even though others have already stopped, you should still stop and see if help is needed. You never know how bad an accident is.” Solheim said often people are in a rush, are alone in their car, or unsure of what to do. “The emergency units are incredibly good at helping over the phone. You get help and you’re not alone, even if you are by yourself at an accident site.”

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported several cars passed the accident before anyone stopped to help, and many more continued to pass by. Drivers ignoring an accident face fines and up to a year imprisonment under national road laws.

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