Snow causes airport delays

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Almost all flights were delayed at Oslo’s main airport at Gardermoen on Thursday, after constant snowfall disrupted both takeoffs and landings. There was some relief just after 11am, but airport officials warned that delays could persist throughout the day.

“We think, unfortunately, that there will still be delays all day long,” airport spokesman Lasse André Vangstein told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK).

The delays were as long as 40 minutes by midday, enough to make passengers worry about making connections at bigger hub airports around Europe. Earlier in the morning, delays were reported of more than an hour, with all airlines affected.

Vangstein said the weather forced air traffic controllers to impose restrictions on the distance between flights landing, “and when (the aircraft) come in late, they leave again late.” Airport crews “are out plowing all the time,” he said, with snow in the forecast until Friday and through the weekend.

Passengers were advised to turn up at the airport for scheduled flights, though, despite the reported delays. staff