Business booms for security firms

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Private security firm Nokas is among those experiencing a major increase in demand for its services since the terrorist attacks in Norway on July 22, 2011. As the third anniversary of the attacks approaches, the company reports that its jobs from the state and municipal governments have quadrupled.

Magazine Ny Tid reporte that Nokas’ revenues are now five times what they were before the attacks, because of increased security around public buildings. All cars driving up to the Foreign Ministry, for example, are now checked for explosives, while there’s also been a huge increase in demand for X-ray equipment and screenings of people entering public buildings.

A spokesman for the government ministry in charge of state-owned property said that around NOK 1.5 billion is now budgeted for enhanced security, not least around state ministries. Eight city streets in Oslo have been blocked off, but Ny Tid noted that security infrastructure around the Royal Palace has not changed, and the building is still relatively accessible. staff