First snow falls in southeast

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Snow was falling several places around the Oslo area Thursday night, and causing problems for motorists because hardly any have switched to winter tires yet. Police reported several cars lost control on slick local highways.

The four-lane E6 highway between Oslo and Moss was turning white and snow was also building up on the E18 highway between Drammen and Larvik, reported state broadcaster NRK. Many residents living in the hills around Oslo also woke up on Thursday to snow on the ground outside.

Temperatures have been in the single digits in Oslo, with rain in the city most of the day, but have not fallen below the freezing point. Nor was snow in the forecast, but it provided an early whitewashing of some local landscapes.

Police said snow was also falling in Oppland County just north of Oslo, with several cars spinning around or off the state highway RV4 that runs between Oslo and Gjøvik. staff