Armed guards posted at Parliament entrances

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Security around the Norwegian Parliament has been strengthened, with armed police now permanently posted at all entrances. The change went into effect last week.

The heightened security is a direct response to last week’s announcement that Norway may be subject to a terrorist attack within the next year. The targets this time are military personnel, top politicians and the police themselves.

Veteran Labour Party politician Marit Nybakk, now first vice president of the Parliament (Stortinget), told news bureau NTB that there’s been “close contact” between parliament officials and the Oslo Police District. Stationing armed police outside the parliament is just one of several new security measures at the historic national assembly building, which previously has been open to the public with little visible security at all.

“Visible security can have a preventive effect,” Nybakk said, stressing that Norwegian politicians still want to maintain an open, accessible society. staff