New arrest in elderly woman’s rape

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Police in Vestfold County confirmed Friday that they had a new suspect under arrest in the rape of a woman in her 80s on the island of Nøtterøy last weekend. It’s the second arrest in a case that’s set off a major police investigation.

Police earlier had arrested a teenager who’d first been questioned as a possible witness and later changed his statements. He has since been released, however, and “checked out of the case,” according to prosecutor Lise Dalhaug.

Now police are holding a man in his 20s who was arrested at his place of work. “We believe with a large degree of certainty that we now have the correct assailant,” Dalhaug told news bureau NTB.

The man faced a custody hearing over the weekend after being charged with the rape, which occurred in the middle of the day on Saturday November 15 shortly after the victim had gotten off a bus near the island’s commercial center at Teie. staff