Foreign truck drivers face new restrictions

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Norwegian officials have lost patience with foreign truck drivers who lack experience driving on the country’s often slick, wintry roads. Transport Minister Ketil Solvik-Olsen wants all foreign chauffeurs to take courses in winter driving before being allowed to drive over the border.

“Foreign chauffeurs are over-represented in the number of accidents involving heavy vehicles in Norway,” Solvik-Olsen told newspaper Aftenposten on Monday. “I have therefore sent a letter to the EU Commission with a request for new requirements for their training and licensing.”

He’s hoping for support from other Nordic and “Alp” countries. “There are many countries with similar problems of drivers who aren’t well-enough prepared for winter driving and slippery roads,” Solvik-Olsen said. “They pose a threat to traffic safety.”

Several large trucks recently jack-knifed and blocked the busy E6 highway for hours in Nordland County, and transport officials are dreading the start of another season of accidents as winter sets in. Solvik-Olsen hopes new requirements can be in place within the next year. staff