Police probe cathedral vandalism

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Police questioned a man suspected of throwing stones at the stained glass windows of the cathedral in downtown Stavanger late Sunday night. He vigorously denied responsibility, though, and police had to let him go for lack of evidence.

“That doesn’t mean the case is closed from our side, though,” Kurt Løklingholm, operations leader for the Rogaland Police District told state broadcaster NRK. He said the man was identified by witnesses, who called police just before 2am to report the vandalism.

Police found four stones inside the cathedral that were thrown through the stained glass window, created by artist Victor Sperre in 1957. The cathedral itself dates from 1125.

Bishop Erling Pettersen called the vandalism “very sad,” adding that the window was also vandalized just two years ago. “We know that it’s difficult to repair,” the bishop told NRK. “The damage will probably remain for awhile, but I hope and believe the stained glass can be repaired.”

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