Mad cow disease confirmed in Trøndelag

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State veterinarians have confirmed a case of BSE (mad cow disease) in a 15-year-old cow on a farm in Sør-Trøndelag. The animal has been destroyed and officials claim the case has no consequences for the safety of meat and dairy products in Norway.

“It’s just as safe to eat meat and drink milk as before,” claimed Norway’s food safety authority Mattilsynet in a press release on Thursday.

The case was discovered during a routine control of cattle and suspicions of mad cow disease arose last week. Mattilsynet said its inspectors have tested more than 270,000 cattle in Norway for the disease since 2001 and this is the only case to ever have been confirmed.

Agriculture Minister Sylvi Listhaug called inspections in Norway “widespread and efficient” as part of efforts to control serious disease among animals in Noway. She said test results showed a “atypical variation of BSE.” staff