Investigators postpone action in botched child murder case

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The state police internal affairs division won’t report conclusions until next week of its probe into the so-called “Monika-case,” which involves the murder of an eight-year-old girl named Monika whose death was initially ruled a suicide.

Police in Hordaland County, western Norway, have been harshly criticized for conducting a poor investigation and then working mostly to shore up their own theories in the case. A whistleblower’s efforts were initially silenced but the police chief for Hordaland is now under fire after a new probe resulted in murder charges filed against the eight-year-old girl’s former step-father.

Results of an investigation into whether the Hordaland Police District’s botched handling of the case should result in punitive action were supposed to be unveiled this week. A summary of the conclusions will instead be released February 25, according to a press release from the police on Tuesday. Calls continue for the resignation of Hordaland’s police chief and public assurances that police investigations will improve. staff