Man admits raping elderly woman

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A 23-year-old Norwegian man made a surprise admission in court in Tønsberg on Wednesday that he had raped an 86-year-old woman in broad daylight last November. He had earlier denied the assault, which shook the local community.

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that the young man lives on the island of Nøtterøy, where the assault occurred in a pedestrian tunnel in the busy Teie district at midday on Saturday November 15. He had denied being responsible for the assault during police questioning.

Prosecutor Lise Dalhaug said he was indicted for grabbing his elderly victim, dragging her down an embankment and into the tunnel, where he assaulted her, kissed her and then ran out of the tunnel. His defense attorney argued he was under the influence of “of a considerable amount of intoxicants” at the time.

He also faced indictments for violence, theft, drug possession, making threats and illegal possession of weapons. He admitted guilt to all charges except for theft and making threats. Sentencing was pending. staff