No hunt allowed for Østmarka wolf

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For the second time in as many weeks, county officials in Oslo and Akershus have rejected an application to hunt down a wolf in Oslo’s eastern forest known as Østmarka.

Wolves have been accused of attacking as many as 50 sheep on the eastern side of the forest, where farmers around Enebakk have traditionally allowed their sheep to graze.

Østmarka lies, however, in the zone where wolves are allowed to settle as part of efforts to revive the wolf population and prevent its extinction. Ranchers contend the law protecting wolves is no longer necessary.

Oslo residents, many of whom regularly use Østmarka as a popular recreation area, have strongly supported the establishment of a wolf family in the forest and do not feel threatened. A recent public opinion poll conduted for newspaper Nationen indicated that 34 percent of Norwegians want stronger protection for Norway’s relatively small population of predators. staff