Man charged with assaulting more than 100 children

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Newspaper VG reported over the weekend that a former music teacher in his 40s from eastern Norway has been charged with sexual assaults on around 115 children all over the country. The man was arrested last autumn.

He’s been charged with 100 cases of prompting children to disrobe online. He’s also charged with at least one rape, two cases of sexual relations with children under the age of 16 and two cases of abuse of his position, according to VG.

He’s further charged with storage and production of material that portrays assaults on children. Police believe the man, who came in contact with his victims over the Internet, has also prompted three children to engage in sexual contact with animals and is charge with violation of animal welfare laws as well.

His defense attorney told VG that the man has admitted to misleading young girls via the Internet. Not all the cases have yet been investigated. staff