August ranks as the warmest in 65 years

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After a chilly and rainy July, the sun came out this month and warmed up Norway so much that it now ranks as the warmest August since 1950, at least in the northern city of Tromsø.

It was also warm in Tafjord in Romsdal and meteorologists at Storm Weather Service told TV2 that central Norway can look back on August 2015 as fully 3-4 degress celsius warmer than normal.

In both Værnes, outside Trondheim, and Tafjord, August is due to be the third- or fourth-warmest on record. June and July were, on the other hand, much colder than normal.

The warm sunny weather during the weekend was about to be replaced this week, though, by heavy rain and lower temperatures, with rain also due later in the week. staff