Russians sail to Norwegian tanker’s aid

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A Russian tug boat left Murmansk on Wednesday evening to sail to the aid of a Norwegian oil products tanker that was disabled in the Barents Sea. The vessel reportedly has seven people on board, mostly Russian citizens with a Norwegian captain.

The Kirkenes-based website BarentsObserver reported that Russian emergency crews were in contact with the vessel and that the situation was “under control.” Anatoly Leontyev of the Russian Fisheries Agency told another website, FlashNord, that the tanker Norvarg still had electricity, fuel, water and supplies, but stormy weather in the area was a concern.

Marine Supply of Tromsø, which operates the Norvarg, told the BarentsObserver that the vessel was bunkering (fueling) trawlers in the Barents Sea when a rope got tangled in its propeller. Website Marine Traffic reported the vessel had sailed from Tromsø and later from Båtsfjord and was drifting 200 nautical miles off the coast of Murmansk. It was expected to take the Russian tug Purga around 20 hours to reach the vessel. staff