Notodden nightclub hit by gas attack

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Police in Notodden, Telemark County, were investigating a highly unusual and toxic attack on a local nightclub during the weekend. Patrons were left acutely sick late Saturday night after someone tossed what witnesses described as a smoke cannister or gas grenade into the club.

The cannister contained CS-gas, a form of tear gas that set off chaos inside the club called Stua on Notodden’s main street, Storgaten. Alarms rang and there was a major response by police, fire trucks and ambulances.

“Many of the people got sick and were throwing up,” Vida Aaltvedt of the new Sør-Øst Police District told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK). One young woman overcome by the gas was rushed to a local emergency clinic.

No motive for the attack was clear, and police had no immediate suspects. Nor did investigaros find any gas cannister, but they said the tear gas could have been unleashed by a form of tablets.

An investigation of what police described as a serious incident was underway, and they were asking for any tips from the public. staff