Visitors filled DNT mountain lodges

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Despite some grey weather and excessively pessimistic weather reports, the Norwegian mountain trekking association DNT (Den Norske Turistforening) still managed to attract plenty of guests to their mountain lodges during last week’s Easter holidays.

“Last year was a dream Easter in many parts of the country, so we’re naturally a bit behind those numbers,” DNT’s secretary general Nils Øveraas told news bureau NTB after the Easter holidays came to an end late Monday. “But the weather was better than forecast for most of the holiday week, and those who traveled to the mountains had some fine days.”

The number of overnight stays was 9 percent below last year’s record Easter traffic, but in line with the average over the past five years. There also was an apparent increase in the numbers of families with small children who visited DNT lodges and stayed there for several days in a row instead of skiing on to other lodges. staff