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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Grisly murder probe unfolds in Oslo

Police in Norway’s capital were literally piecing together the murder of a man in his 20s this week, after his partly severed body was found to have been transported in a suitcase at Ammerud on the city’s east side. One of several suspects arrested has admitted that he was among those trying to carry the heavy suitcase.

Police were called to Ammerud Friday by a woman who said she’d observed strange behaviour by two men in a forested area north of Ammerud School. They were arguing and alternately trying to carry or push a suitcase end over end, apparently because it was so heavy.

Police later found the severed body in the suitcase, and could trace it to an apartment at Ammerud where two men were arrested along with three more later. One has admitted to trying to carry the suitcase containing the body but is not charged with the murder.

Another 24-year-old man has admitted to the murder after an argument in the apartment. The suspect has several prior convictions, including assaults on police officers. Three suspects have since been released. All are tied to a narcotics milieu in Oslo. The motive for the murder has not been determined. staff



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