Islamic extremist still in jail

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Ubaydullah Hussain, charged with recruiting foreign warriors for jihad in the Middle East, has been ordered held in custody for another eight weeks. A court in Oslo granted a prosecutor’s request that he remain in jail, because of the risk that he’d continue recruiting if set free.

Hussain has been held in remand custody since December 10. The former spokesman for the Oslo-based Islamic organization Profetens Ummah is suspected of having recruited at least seven people to serve in the terrorist group ISIL.

Hussain denies the charges, even though he was filmed escorting a young recruit to an airport in Sweden, where the young recruit was prevented from boarding a flight to Cyprus. It was believed he would then travel on to Syria.

Hussain is also charged for having tried to influence, or threaten, a witness in another case under investigation. Norway’s police intelligence unit PST is expected to indict him on those charges later this spring. staff