Two kings go fishing on the Lærdal

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Norway’s Lærdal River is legendary among wild salmon fishing enthusiasts, and has attracted royalty and international celebrities for years. This week the kings of both Sweden and Norway were among those casting their lines into the river, in the hopes of a good catch.

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that King Carl Gustaf of Sweden arrived Sunday afternoon. Norway’s own King Harald arrived Monday afternoon. Both are staying at the fashionable Kapteinsgarden, owned by the billionaire shipping industry heir and art collector Hans Rasmus Astrup.

The main house on the Leirdal estate was built by English salmon lords in the late 1800s. Now it’s housing two reigning monarchs at the same time, a meeting that NRK dubbed as “historic.”

There was no word on whether either monarch hooked any salmon. The two kings were seen fishing together Monday evening. staff