Cannabis seizures set new record

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State police unit Kripos has reported record seizures of cannabis products so far this year. The seizures totaled 2,534 kilos of hash, marijuana and cannabis plants.

“So far in 2016 there have been several seizures amounting to more than 100 kilos of hash,” Karl Frey Solvik, leader of the section for narcotics analysis at Kripos, told news bureau NTB. The biggest, he said, was more than 630 kilos, in Østfold County.

“That was one of the biggest hash seizures ever,” Solvik said, adding that the strength of the hash has also increased in recent years.

Seizures of amphetamines and metamphetamines followed the cannabis, while police also seized 5.3 kilos of heroin since January 1. Those seizures have declined since 2015, according to Kripos. staff