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Friday, May 24, 2024

Police break up brawls in Oslo

Two major brawls on opposites sides of the city broke out in Oslo Sunday night, one at Røa on the west side and another at Kalbakken on the east side. The latter also involved a shooting but it appeared the incidents were unrelated.

The first reports came in just before 7pm that a person was injured outside the Nordtvet School at Kalbakken in Groruddalen. Several witnesses called police and said they’d seen a brawl and heard at least one shot fired. When police arrived at the scene, two or three cars had already sped off and no one injured was found.

The brawl and shooting occurred close to where several children were attending swimming lessons. Witness said two people were initially seen running from a car and into the school, followed by the sound of a gunshot. “It was very frightening,” the witness told state broadcaster NRK. “I also saw a man carrying a baseball bat. Several cars blocked the street, and then they drove off at high speed.”

Police secured evidence of the shooting, questioned witnesses and later arrested three people, who were charged with assault and violation of weapons laws.

In the affluent neighbourhood of Røa, meanwhile, police brought in several people for questioning after a brawl broke out in a house on Griniveien. One person was found badly beaten and it was unclear whether all those being loaded into police vehicles were suspects or witnesses.

The violent incident prompted police to block the busy intersection known as Røakrysset, near the house where around 20 people were found inside and outside. The injured man was rushed to hospital and an investigation was underway. staff



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