Stavanger breaks new warmth record

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It has never been warmer in Stavanger in September than it was on Tuesday. Folks flocked to the beaches along the North Sea when thermometers rose to more than 27C (around 80F).

After a summer of rain and cool temperatures, Stavanger was positively basking in the unusual warmth this week. And it may get even warmer.

“We can’t rule out that the warmth record set on Tuesday (for a day in September) will be broken as soon as Wednesday or Thursday,” state meteorologist Anders Sivle told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK).

Thermometers hit 27.3C at 5pm on Tuesday. The last record high for September was set in 1968, when temperatures hit 24.9C.

The entire region was basking in unseasonally warm weather, with thermometers in Lysebotn registering 26.7C and Sola 26.1. They also broke records for warmth in September.

Just beyond Stavanger and Rogaland County, more records were broken in Stord, with 24.3C, and Kongsberg with 24.2C.

The warm weather is linked to a high pressure system that’s sending warm air from the European continent towards Norway. “The warm air extends from Hordaland and south and southeast towards the coast of Vestfold,” Sivle told NRK.

He and other meteorologists think the warm weather will last for a few more days. “We think both Wednesday and Thursday will have around the same (high) temperatures as today,” he said. staff