New storm warnings posted over ‘Karl’

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Residents of Western Norway were being warned on Monday to batten down the hatches once again over the next few days. The remains of the tropical storm called “Karl” were expected to bring strong winds and lots of rain, according to state meteorologists.

“We’re expecting  winds to rise on Tuesday, and that we’ll get between 70 and 100 millimeters of precipitation during a period of 18 hours,” meteorologist Steinar Skare told state broadcaster NRK.

The storm warnings were posted from early Tuesday  through Wednesday morning, from Boknafjorden in the south to Stad in the north. That pretty much means heavy rain along the West Coast from south of Stavanger to Bergen and north beyond Ålesund.

The remains of the tropical storm were colliding with other low-pressure systems over the Atlantic and the bad weather was all moving towards Norway, Skare said. After a period of unusually summer-like temperatures and barely a breeze, the first of the autumn storms was setting in. Skare called it “ordinary bad weather,” though, stressing that “Karl” itself had weakened considerably. staff