More asylum centers to be shut down

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Norway’s immigration agency UDI (Utlendingsdirektoratet) is shutting down another 3,800 places for asylum seekers to live, citing the sharp downturn in refugees arriving in Norway.

The cuts come in addition to the 7,000 lodging spots offered to refugees at around 50 asylum centers that were shut down in  August.

“This will unfortunately also affect the jobs of those working at asylum centers and in local municipalities (komuner),” UDI director Christine Willberg told newspaper Dagsavisen.  Asylum centers affected by the cuts include those at Gjøvik, Veumallen, Moss and Vestre Toten.

There’s  been debate over asylum center cutbacks, with some refugee activist claiming that since accommodation for refugees still exists, more should be utilized to take in more UN quota refugees from the Middle East. staff