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23 C
Thursday, July 18, 2024

‘Summer in September’ set another record

It’s official: State meteorologists have confirmed what many living in Norway already knew, that temperatures recorded in September were the warmest they’d ever experienced. The state meteorological institute reports they were the highest in 116 years, and the best weather, not surprisingly, was found in the southern parts of the country.

Norwegians could dive into the fjords, sun themselves on beaches and mountaintops, spend more time on their boats and, not least, dramatically extend the outdoor grilling season. Bergen and Stavanger also set records for the highest daytime temperatures ever logged in September, of 27.6C and 27.3C respectively. That was higher than in July.

Meteorologists linked the unusually warm weather to winds from the south that brought warm air to Norway. There was almost no wind from the north, which is what usually makes Norway rather chilly at this time of year.

Temperatures averaged 15C (60F) in Oslo and temperatures in the mountains were running five degrees warmer than what’s considered normal. They’ve since plunged, however, with snow over most mountain passes recently and nippy night temps in Oslo, down to single digits despite sunshine during the day so far this week. There were no signs yet that warmth records would be set in October as well. staff




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